Involving Teachers

1st Grade Team Teacher's

Join the First Grade team for teacher's festivites!

The first Friday of every month, come join me for dinner and sharing of ideas to implement in our classrooms! This is a great opportunity to collaborate and brain storm new ideas that we can use during the day!

* By making a monthly dinner, teachers can come and socialize while sharing new ideas that will be useful in the classroom. Plus it is a great socialization tool to reach out and become a team!

Building Relationships

Every morning there is a mandatory meeting to engage teacher's! This meeting goes over the criteria for the day, and also informs teachers of events that are coming up! This is a great opportunity for me to collaborate with my first grade team and build relationships!

Some of our Adventures

Guareented to have fun!

Why should you become involved?

Building respectful relationships with other teachers, gives you a support system! By creating positive relationships, you will always have someone to collaborate with through out the year! Other teachers can also facilitate you with new ideas to use within the classroom! Building these positive relationships is important and builds character within the school!

First Grade Team