Te Aroha Primary School

Term 4 Week 2 2021

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Kia ora koutou

Welcome to week 2. I hope you all have a great week.

New legislation regarding Covid 19 pops up regularly and sometimes without much warning. The latest information is that everyone working with children in schools is required to be vaccinated. These workers are required to have their first vaccination by 15 November and the the second dose by 1 January 2022. Parents who work in classrooms as volunteers will also need to be double vaccinated. There are a number of scenarios we are still working through where parents help out with supporting our children on camps , providing transport to school sports and also with the coaching of sports. As soon as we have the finer details around these issues, we will share this with you.

Ngaa mihi nui

Kevin Johnson

Principal / Tumuaki

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Parents on School Grounds

No parents are permitted on the school grounds except if you are visiting the school office.

If you do come onto the school grounds to visit the office then you are required to wear a mask and to sign in at the office for our contact tracing. Please also scan in using the QR code on the office window.

Please also wear a face mask in the car park if you are getting out of your car to pick up your child from the front of the school as this is still on school grounds. Thank you for yourhelp with this. We do appreciate your support at this uncertain time.

We need to keep everyone safe.

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Year 9 Enrolment For Te Aroha College 2022

There are still a few students who have not enrolled at Te Aroha College for next year. If your child is going to be attending and has not yet been enrolled, please book an enrolment appointment by phone (07) 8848625 or email office@tacol.nz

If your child is enrolling and attending another college or secondary school, please email Mrs B to confirm this dp@tearohaprimary.school.nz


Term 4 sport kicks off on Wed with year 5/6 basketball and on Friday with touch.

Please remember that NO SPECTATORS are allowed at either events.

Please help me by please adhering to those rules. A lot of people have put in a lot of work to make these events possible for the kids and we need to do our bit to support this. Should you need to be asked to leave then your children will have to be removed from teams.

We are all In this together and need to follow the rules. Please join the Waihou Junior touch Facebook page so you can keep up to date with draws.

I will send basketball ones out as I get them. It will be your child's responsibility to get that home to you.

Class and Individual Photos

This is to remind parents that we will be having class and individual photos on 25 November.

Further information regarding photographs will come home closer to the time.

Key Term Dates


1. School opens for term four - 18 October 2021

2. Class and Individual Portrait photos - 25 November 2021

3. Planned Yr7&8 Camp 1 - 3 December

4. Planned Yr7&8 Social

5. Planned Final Assembly Monday 13 December 10.30am - 12.00pm

Classroom Round Ups

Rm 1 Mrs Johnson

Welcome to Devante who joined our class today. The class are very excited about taking care of their sunflower and potato plants, and the prediction for how many potatoes one plant might yield range from 2 to 1000's. We clearly have a bit of learning to do around this!

In Maths we are working in 2 groups - one group working in the number range 1 to 10 and the other group working on basic addition to 10. In Phonics/ Handwriting we are working on o,g and s as they all start with prompt - open mouth. In writing we are all working on sentences with new students learning how to write a sentence, while older students are working on writing at least 2 sentences. All students have the goal of saying their sentence before writing it and using finger spaces to make it easy to read. Some children will have heart words as part of their reading homework from today. The instructions for learning these words have been sent home. Thank you so much to all the parents/ whanau who work through the homework tasks each day, it makes such a difference in this early stage of the children's learning journey.

Athletics training is under way and this week we will do long jump, high jump and throwing. It is a favourite part of the day for many children.

Rm 2 Mrs McGhie

Kia Ora. Wow, week one has gone fast. I have enjoyed getting to know the children this week. They have enjoyed planting their potatoes and learning the nursery rhyme "Mary had a little lamb". This nursery rhyme has also been the focus of our art this week which will be entered in the A,P & H show art competition. Training for athletics started last week and it is great to see all the children participating. Well done room 2, keep up the good work. Being a short week I am sure that it will go just as fast as last week, especially with all the learning that is going on in room 2. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at mmcghie@tearohaprimary.school.nz

Rm 3 Miss Swan

Kia ora koutou,
Room 3 had a fabulous start to Term 4 last week. The exciting Waihou Hub potato growing competition was a highlight last week and for many children in Room 3, it was their first time planting a potato! We also enjoyed learning about recycling, reusing and composting with Vickie from Zero Waste.

Writing: We are focusing on adding detail to our stories and looking closely at using adjectives.
Reading: Reading books will be coming home from Tuesday-Thursday. Our sound of the week for phonics is ay and homework spelling words will reflect this. Keep up the great reading Room 3!

Maths: Math groups will be looking at ordering numbers from 0-100, developing multiplication skills while using repeated addition and focusing on balancing equations ( 6+4 is that same as 7+3)

Reminders for the week

  • Whaea Armstrong will be in class on Friday.

  • Please bring along drink bottles everyday. This is super important as the weather warms up and with Athletics training.

  • Library day on Friday.

  • Homework for the week: Maths worksheet, spelling and daily reading book.

  • Please remember to bring along book bags and homework notebooks everyday. Room 3 needs their notebooks for word work during class times.

Please remember you can contact me via Seesaw and email mswan@tearohaprimary.school.nz

Have a wonderful week!

Rm 5 Miss Entwisle

We continue our Zero Waste work with Vicki Semmens on Tuesday and Wednesday. Our Spelling words this week are all about ill and tr. In Writing we continue to look at narratives and how to write creative and interesting stories. In Mathematics we are focusing on knowing how to read and write digital and analogue times. In Art we are working on completing our AP&H Show entries. We will be preparing for the upcoming school Athletics each day (weather permitting) so please ensure that suitable clothing is brought to school each day to train in. For those children who are motivated to do extra learning at home, our Spelling words, Weekly Poem and other Home Learning based tasks are shared each week via the Seesaw activity section. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via email at mentwisle@tearohaprimary.school.nz or through the Seesaw message function.

Rm 6 Mrs Bankier

Welcome to week 2. This week we have a busy week with having our final Zero Waste session - please remind your child to bring what they need for their creations on Wednesday.

We continue to have Mrs O'Connor coming in for Pause, Breathe, Smile lessons. We also have athletics practise everyday depending on the weather. On Friday we will be finishing off our creations / art and craft items for the AP&H Show.

Please send your forms back for the end of year trip as soon as possible, hopefully the levels will drop for Hamilton and we will be able to go but there's lots of planning before hand for trips so we need to be organised.

Have a great week, Trina Bnakier

Rm 7 Mrs Paul

Last week you all received a note about our End of Year Trip... Please return this ASAP. We will not be going unless Alert Levels drop so you are to fill it in presuming they do. We are unable to go unless we have enough vaccinated parents to join us and a call needs to be made on this.

In Maths this week we will be continuing timetables as well. As lookimg at being able to solve problems in our head....with speed. This can be difficult for some people as their basic facts aren't known well enough to be automatic. In writing we will continue to wrote procedures. We had such fun With this last week.

Athletics training has been hampered by high winds. Some days it feels like the world is against us.

Rm 8 Mrs Young

Yr 7-8 Camp update - Our fundraising for this week is Pie Day Friday this helps towards lowering the cost of camp for our Year 7-8 students.

Yr 6 End of Year Fun Day - during the same week as our senior camp our year 6 students will be travelling to Te Rapa Pools, if alert levels change an alternative plan is in place. A notice was sent home last week.

Tech - New rotations this week :) any tech questions please see Mrs B.

Pen pals - We’ve received our second round of letters from our pen pals, we have spent a lot of time on these letters.

ZERO WASTE- We look forward to completing the work packs from our Zero waste facilitator.

Athletics - We will be working within our Senior Hub to cover all of the Athletic Rotations.

Maths. We continue to revise a lot of the topics covered this year and also get stuck into some strand maths such as Area and Perimeter.

Literacy - Our book this term is a Kind of Spark, this will focus on Comprehension as well as many hand on activities.

Online interactive quiz with detailed answers. Please login via https://socrative.com/ Click on Student Login and enter TAPSROOM82021. Whanau can also take part every week!

Home Learning - Library Books + EPIC Reading. Mathletics + Prototec + Weekly Quiz

Email- kyoung@tearohaprimary.school.nz

Rm 9 Mrs Gamble/Mrs Hodgetts.

We begin the week with Zero Waste. Vicki, our Zero Waste facilitator will continue to work in every classroom covering themes around Zero Waste. Resource Sustainability is the theme for senior classes.

Literacy: We have made a great start on our Chapter Chat novel, Crater Lake by Jennifer Killick. We will continue to focus on developing our reading skills, ensuring we fully comprehend what we have read, completing set tasks and comprehension questions to a high standard. In writing we will continue on with character writing. This week we will be describing a special person in our lives in order to build a vivid picture in the reader’s head.

Mathematics: In maths we will be revising our basic facts and finishing our learning on measurement.

Athletics: Weather permitting, we will be covering athletic codes in preparation for school athletics.

Camp: Please keep an eye out for information and updates over the coming weeks.

Reminders: It is Pie Day Friday this week, so don’t forget to place your pie orders before Thursday.

Homework:Spelling, weekly quiz, mathletics tasks, and reading 20-30 minutes each evening.

Have a great week everyone.

Rm 10 Mrs Brittenden

Hola! Kia ora koutou

We are enjoying learning Spanish and will continue to work through the modules again this week, learning our numbers to 10 and having a simple conversation (greeting, asking how someone is and replying and asking someone what their name is and replying) We also will be continuing our training for athletics, with a rotation around field events in our age groups throughout the week. Please let me know if your child is unable to participate, A change of clothes is good idea.

Maths - we continue with geometry by investigating the properties of lines, angles and shapes. We will be using a protractor - good reminder to check that your child has one!

Literacy - we look to the Ancient Greeks this week, with reading and writing tasks linked. Some of these will be shared on Seesaw.

AP and H Show - we will work on some art that an be entered into this year's AP and H Show. Students who have completed a woodwork item in Wood at Tech are also able to enter this.

A short but busy week - don't forget it is PIEDAY FRIDAY this week, which is a fundraiser for camp!

Arohanui - Mrs B dp@tearohaprimary.school.nz


Below is the lunch menu for week two.
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