Hitler Youth

(Known As The Hitler Jugend~HJ)

What Was The Hitler Youth

The Hitler Youth is known in German as The "Hitler Jugend~HJ" founded in 1926. Its orgins from the Jungstrum Adolf Hitler (a.k.a Aldof Hitler's Boys Storm Troop)armed of storm troopers founded in 1922. When Jungstrum Aldof Hitlers storm troop collapsed, the Hitler Youth played in role of filling in the gaps! The Hitler Youths Main reasoning was to bring as much girls and boys as possible under its control!

The Reich Youth Leader

A German man named Baldur Von Schirach was the Head Leader of Hitler Youth(The Reich Youth Leader). His responsibities for running the program was unifying all different Nazi Organizations; also to write and pass the Law concerning The Hitler Youth. By 1935, the HJ population of youth members comprised of 60%. In 1936, all youth groups banned their memberships and was submitted to the Hitler Youth. The memberships were only for ages 17 in 1939 and later all for ages over 10 years in 1941. In 1939, Hitler Youth memberships increased rapidly to 90% of the country's youth!

Mens Hitler Youth Beginning's

For most of the youngsters, the invovlement with the Hitler Youth began between the ages of 4 and 6. German youths began at the age of 10. It was divided into two categories: one for member ages 10-14 & the other for 14-18. It based almost all their groups on military models(squads,platoons,companies). The HJ was mostly on the focus of military training in preparing for becoming Nazi soliders at 18.

BDM~The League Of German Girls

The German women were given values of obedience, duty, self-sacrifice, discipline, & physical self-control. They had to meet four standards to join. Their goals for a women was to prepare for their motherhood and raise children to be educated the Nazi ways. They were ordered racial pride to avoid all Jews of any gender. Girls were their families guards and guides.

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