Finishing up the Senior Year!

from the Counselor's Office

Report Cards

  • The earliest senior report cards will be available is May 23rd. Otherwise, you can pick up your copy when all high school report cards are distributed after high school exams.
  • For questions about report cards, contact Margaret Davis, school registrar.

Final Transcripts

  • Final transcripts will be mailed out to colleges between May 23 and June 1.
  • Seniors are responsible for telling me where they will be attending college.
  • After June 1, any additional copies of transcripts requested will go through our registrar's office, Margaret Davis. There will be a $5 transcript fee for each transcript requested.

PLEASE NOTE: We have not been made aware of the exact summer hours yet, but the school as a whole will be on a limited schedule during the months of June and especially July. Transcript requests may take up to two weeks to be filled. Please email requests if you cannot get in touch with Margaret Davis by phone,


  • ALL scholarship award letters must be turned in to my office by this Friday, May 6th. Emails and faxes are acceptable too. My fax number is 501-513-6808.
  • Seniors are responsible for telling me which scholarships they have officially accepted and will actually use when attending college in the fall. This is information needed for the Senior Banquet.
  • Thank you to everyone who has been keeping me informed this year!

A few notes on local scholarships:

  • I do not handle the money awarded on any scholarship. Those clubs or organizations who awarded the scholarship are responsible for getting the money in the award recipient's college financial aid account.
  • Some scholarships will not show up in the college financial aid account until students have registered for Fall classes and, in some cases, attend the first week of class. Every college and every scholarship is different!
  • Scholarships that are renewable will have requirements that must be met--maybe the number of college hours taken each semester and/or GPA requirement-- in order for the scholarship to be renewed for the next semester or the next year. Please pay attention to the fine print. Again, every scholarship is different.

UCA Transcipts for Concurrent Students

  • If concurrent students need a copy of their UCA transcript, they may request it through the UCA Registrar's Office,
  • The final grades for Math 1580 and History 1320 will be posted the week of May 9th, so please allow time for UCA to process those grades and get them on the UCA transcripts for our students before making a transcript request.


  • Mrs. Karen Davis will give graduates instructions on where and when to arrive on Graduation Day. She will also have picture order forms available for those who want to purchase pictures--group cap and gown and individual picture taken when receiving the diploma.
  • During the Graduation Mass, including distribution of diplomas, NO personal videos or photos may be taken. This is a church policy. Please tell your guests visiting who may not be aware.
  • Graduation Mass begins at 4:00 p.m. The church will be open at 3:00 p.m.
  • Pews will be reserved for the graduates, SJ faculty/staff, and the Bazaar auction winner.
  • The Graduation Seating Chart is attached below so that you can see where the graduates are sitting and which pews will be open.