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Henderson Weekly Newsletter

May 9, 2016

Don't count the days, make the days count. - Muhammad Ali

Commit to Excellence-Finish Strong

Jolyn Bricker came last week and did walks on our campus. As I look at her feedback I am so proud that Henderson staff is working hard, maximizing minutes and pushing kids even. At this time of year it would be easy to start counting down and slacking off. Not my hawks! That would not be what is best for kids. As we wind down with testing, we still have a few weeks left. Let's make each day better than the last. Finish strong!

Believe in yourselves! Believe in your kids! I believe in you!

STAAR Testing Week

Please take careful note of the information sent out about testing this week. So far we WILL be able to have specials according to the schedule emailed out.


Recess across the street

No visitors or volunteers

Please encourage any 3-5 grade students or staff you see! This is time for them to show their stuff!

GPC Meetings and Retentions

Thank you to those of you who have started scheduling GPC meetings with myself or Mrs. Rhodes. Please schedule those soon.

GPC meetings should be held for students who:

  • do not meet PRSP in K-2
  • failed math and/or reading STAAR in 5th grade
  • have failing math and/or reading and writing grades averaged in K-5

Before each GPC meeting please complete the GPC form in Eduphoria.

5th grade should wait until the 2nd administration of STAAR. We will send notes home with testing results to explain the process. However, if a student will fail due to grades, please go ahead and schedule the GPC meetings.

Summer School

Summer school information and applications were given to teachers last week. PLEASE turn in any completed summer school applications to your GRADE LEVEL CHAIR, not me. When he/she collects all applications for your team, he/she will turn them in to me. Sped students should only attend if we feel it will be beneficial. There will be minimal sped support during summer school.

Summer PD/TED Days

Please submit your TED days into the spreadsheet that was provided by May 20th.


Words cannot describe the impact of Henderson Hawks at the Relay for Life event. What a fabulous turnout of staff and families. We definitely dominated as well as had a wonderful time! If you weren't there you missed a meaningful, fun filled event! Mrs. Rossman, Ms. R. and Ms. Felix did such a great job organizing this final event. They put in so much work throughout the year that a simple thank you does not feel adequate! You rock! Thank you to all of our staff who supported this cause throughout the year either by volunteering, attending events, or donating money. This was truly a PROUD HAWK MOMENT!

I have to say a special thank you to Mr. Holmes and Mrs. Garza. Mr. Holmes was such a good sport and entered in the Miss Relay event. Mrs. Garza made sure he had a costume and an act. Well needless to say, he won! Which meant all of the money collected during this pageant piece went to Henderson's team!

Thank you for a fantastic teacher appreciation week! So nice to celebrate such wonderful people who give their hearts to kids and families.


  • Please refer to the revised schedule emailed out for STAAR testing days.
  • Contracts were mailed out. Please be sure to digitally sign and submit!
  • GT Extravaganza will be held on May 25th. Students who have participated in TPSP will display their culminating projects. More information to come.
  • Faculty meetings will begin again this week. We have our campus needs assessment and other EOY items to take care of these last weeks of school.

Mark Your Calendar!


9 STAAR Math 3rd & 4th (5th makeups)

10 STAAR Reading 3rd & 4th (5th makeups)

Britten's baby shower

11 STAAR Science 5th

12 Transition to Kinder Parent Meeting 6-7

16 Rossman's baby shower

PTO Meeting *this is a change

17 1st grade program

19 5th grade track meet

20 Henderson Career Day

Kidnap the Teacher

23 Bridal Shower for Kahre & McCown

24 Henderson McTeacher Night

25 GT Extravaganza

27 Field Day

30 Memorial Day Holiday

31 Cici's Pizza (All As and Perfect Attendance All Year Kids)


1 5th Grade Graduation 9:30am 1/2 Awards 1:30pm

2 Kindergarten Graduation 9:30am 3/4 Awards 1:30pm

3 Employee Awards-All employees are expected to attend.