Un-grounded yet?

By Vada Gregory

Im Sorry.

I have been grounded for exactly 3 weeks and 4 days now. I strongly believe that I should be un-grounded now. I have worked very hard to earn my privileges back, and I hope you have noticed that too. I am very sorry and I do regret what I did wrong. I hope you have forgave me. I also want you to know, that I will never do anything like that again. I was a mistake. But hey, everyone makes mistakes, and I hope we can both move past mine.

Reason #1.

The first reason I think I should be un-grounded is that I have worked very hard to get my grades up. Last midterm, I had six B's, and two A's. This midterm, I have already worked my grades up enough that I have six A's and two B's. I changed my whole report card in just a little over three weeks. I am very determined to get all my grades up to A's by the end of the quarter, and I really believe I can do it. By bringing all my grades up, I have proved to you that I care about schoolwork and I am not a slacker.

Reason #2.

The second reason I think I should be un-grounded is that I have realized I have done something wrong. I fully understand what the mistake I made is, and I know I will never do it again. I do believe that I got the punishment

I deserve. I know that you say that you forgive me and that

you have moved on, but sometimes I feel like you are still

angry at me because I have been grounded for such a long time.

By realizing my mistake, I have proved to you that I am sorry

and I regret what I did.

Reason #3.

The third reason I think I should be un-grounded is that I have made choices, so that important things come first. Since the time I have been in trouble, I have made many choices along with your guidance. I have stopped playing basketball, didn't join scholastic bowl, and am not doing the club volleyball league. It was hard to not to these things, but I realize now that it will help me in the long run. By making these choices, I have proved to you that I am responsible.

The Deal.

I thought if you agreed with me, we could make a deal. I got my electronics taken away on Feb. 12th. Next week ,March 12th, will be the one month mark that I have been grounded. I thought I could maybe get back my things on that day please? When and if I get my electronics back, I promise I will use them correctly, and not take advantage of them. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I appreciate it.
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