Walk Two Moons Project

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Summary of Novel

The book, "Walk Two Moons", by Sharon Creech, is about a 13-year-old girl named Sal, who is the main character. The book is narrated by Sal and she tells a story of her mom leaving, a lunatic, and her friend, Phoebe's moms disappearance. While she tells the story she is traveling to see her mom in Lewiston, Idaho and finds out she died.

Thesis Statement

Throughout the novel Walk Two Moons, Sharon Creech uses symbolism to give a deeper understanding of the characters.

Symbol 1: Tulips

One of the symbols that are brought up a lot in the novel are tulips. The first time this symbol is brought up is when Gram and Gramps are getting married. The guests sing a song to them. "Behind them everyone was singing, 'Oh meet me in the tulips when the tulips do bloom'." ( Creech 78) Tulips are mentioned again when Sal's mother is leaving and she tells Sal, "I will be back when the tulips bloom." ( Creech 110 ) Another time tulips are brought up is when Sal tells the reader about the baby who they named Tulip. Unfortunately when the baby was born the umbilical cord strangled her. Tulips are flowers that always go away but come back just like how her mother said she would come back but died. Maybe tulips are used when Gram and Gramps are getting married because it is like a new relationship blooming. To sum up, through the symbol of tulips the reader can understand more about Sal and her family.
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symbol 2: Blackberries

Another symbol used frequently in the novel "Walk Two Moons" are blackberries. The first time blackberries are used is when Sal is at Phoebe's house and she tells the reader blackberries reminded her of her mom. "The truth is, I do not have allergies, but I could not admit that blackberries reminded me of my mother." ( Creech 22 ) Later Sal is thinking about her mother picking blackberries. "We did not pick from the bottom of the vine or the top." ( Creech 33 ) Every time blackberries are mentioned they have a significance for Sal. Blackberries are a symbol of memories because blackberries remind her of her mother. Blackberries also represent love because Sal's memories of blackberries are all happy and joyful. Blackberries may also give Sal a sense of peace because they remind her of how her mother was as sweet as a blackberry. All in all, through the symbol of blackberries the reader understands more about Sal and her delicate relationship with her mother.
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