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Ryan - News and Current Affairs

We have just found out that the Oracle has no good news for the Athenians who sought the wisdom of the Oracle. There is an uproar as the Athens just received this news. Rumors have spread that the Athens will send out another messenger to seek more helpful wisdom of the Oracle.

Sara's Gossip Column

Did you know that Pericles was suspended from office. He was found guilty of theft and fined 50 talents. Because Athens still needed him, Pericles was re-instated, but then about a year later both of his sons died in the plague, Pericles died in the fall of 429. Then about two and a half years after he died when the Peloponnesian War began.

Ryan - Weather Report

The average temperature is 62 degrees Fahrenheit

The low is 57 degrees Fahrenheit

The high is 66 degrees Fahrenheit

Ryan - Entertainment and Arts Section

The start of a temple of Olympian Zeus is being built - 6th century BC

Statuette of Herakles was finished finished yesterday - Last quarter of 6th century B.C Many of Apollodoros's paintings are becoming famous, most of the paintings were made in the 5th century.

Ryan- Editorial Section and Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Last week you published a "News Spot" on the upcoming Olympics and the competitors, namely Bruce the Great, that will be take place in the near future. You failed to mention how important his training is and how much he actually sacrifices so that he will be the athlete that wins. I felt that this was a lack of reporting on your part - please consider this as a future article as myself and I'm sure many other readers would be extremely interested.

Want to Know More

Dear Want to Know More,

I will certainly take your suggestion under advisement; an expose on the athlete's training would make for a great article. In my defense our "News Spot" last week only served as a preliminary introduction and wasn't meant as the "end all". I appreciate your input and will try harder to up our standards.

Thank you,
The Editor

Ryan - Sports Section

  • Cynisca of Sparta is the owner of a four-horse chariot, she is first woman to be listed as an Olympic victor!
  • Chionis of Sparta has the record for the long jump jumping 7m 5cm.
  • Milo of Croton has won six Olympic wrestling championships.
  • Orsippus of Megara is the first runner that ran naked at the Olympics and won the event.

Sara's Advertisements

Why should you visit Greece?

1. The Temple of the Olympian Zeus is being built

2. Great weather

3. The Olympics are going on

4. Good food

5. Beautiful scenery

Sara's Astrology Column

Astrology was by no means the only method of prediction in Mesopotamia,it was the art of foretelling, often interrelated with healing magic,it was regarded very favorably. The future was read from the condition of animal livers, by considering eclipses, from atmospheric phenomena, and the migration of birds. In this sense the culture located between the Tigris and Euphrates was not unique, using livers and bird migration for foretelling the future was also characteristic of the Etruscan's and the Romans. Astrology has at least three important advantages over all other arts of prediction. The divine nature of stars, the universality of celestial phenomena and the fact that these phenomena could be forecasted.

Sara's Obituaries

Recent deaths:

Aeschylus- A Greek playwright, he is considered the father of the tragedy. Died~ January 2nd 456 BC

Aristophanes- A Greek playwright who wrote comedies, he is considered the father of the comedy. Died~ February 3rd 386 BC

Herodotus- A historian who chronicled the Persian Wars, Herodotus is often called the Father of History. Died~ March 22nd 425 BC