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iPads Rolling In

The first week of November was an exciting time in three elementary classrooms. Dina Flores, 1st grade Betz; Christy Coy, 2nd grade Belleaire, and Cassi Yates, 4th grade Avery and their students were thrilled to have iPads delivered to their classrooms. All three teachers attended Apple Foundations Training and continue to learn more about how to use the iPads for teaching and learning with individual classroom coaching.

BYOD Update - Using Schoology with Students

To streamline the digital workflow, teachers in the BYOD cadre are using Schoology to deliver digital content. Schoology works across all devices and allows teachers to create a paperless workflow where students can upload assignments, have discussions, and access materials at home and school. Teachers can grade/comment on the assignments and return the graded assignments to students. In addition, teachers can also upload assessments, share curriculum resources within the department, and provide parents access to their student’s work.

Valorie Sailors, math teacher and Building Technology Coordinator at Bellevue East, shared her success using student devices and Schoology to deliver course content. We asked Sailors a couple of questions about how students are using BYOD in her classroom.

What are some ways you are using Schoology in your classroom?

  • Badges: I awarded badges to students for participation.

  • Discussions - I used the discussion feature that provided every kid had a voice. It quickly became evident this is a formative tool. I used the advanced feature so kids could not see other posts until they posted a comment.

  • Quizzes/ Tests - I imported tests from Examview test bank. The tests were easy to import and deploy in the Schoology environment.

    • I used the advanced feature and gave students five attempts for formative quizzes. They kept taking the quiz over and over. It told them how many answers were right and wrong, not the correct answer. Students used all their attempts because they wanted to get better.

    • In Calculus, I allowed students to see the correct answers. This was very helpful for AP Calculus to immediately see the correct answers and truly use the formative as a learning tool.

What impact has BYOD + Schoology had on your classroom?

  1. Kids are trying really hard.

  2. Everyone participated in the discussion. Because everyone can see the discussion, they want to do well.

  3. Students like pulling out their phones and using the phones for learning.

  4. Students like watching me solve a problem. Sometimes they watch and think instead of taking notes and snap a picture when I am done. Now they think as I write. They don’t lose the thinking while transcribing the notes.

This is just one example of how the BYOD model is impacting student learning in our high schools.

iPad Collab Day

iPad Academy teachers attended iPad Collab Day on Tuesday, November 3rd. The morning was set up in conference style format and focused on giving teachers the opportunity to choose topics of interest. Sessions included Schoology, digital portfolios with See Saw, targeting instruction and formative assessments with Nearpod and Classkick, and creativity. Chris Avanitis joined us all the way from New York and facilitated the Schoology sessions. After lunch, teachers created digital content using the new tools for their classrooms.

The K-6 Webpage Needs Your Expertise

The K-6 Website has recently been redesigned and relaunched. We are pleased with the streamlined look and are working to add more content. If you have suggestions on science and social studies resources such as interactive websites, videos, or simulations please let us know and we will link them up. In addition, if you have any other sites or suggestions, please let us know. We will update the site weekly. Click the forms below to send us the links.

Check out the K-6 Website here: K-6 Website Link

Have an app to add? Fill out the K-6 Website Request

7 Reasons to Use Instructional Video in Your Classroom

Ever wondered how you could create a situation in which you were in multiple places at one time within the classroom? The power of technology opens up possibilities for teachers to do just that! One of the best examples is taking advantage of the ability to create and share instructional videos with your students.

Here are seven reasons why you should be using instructional videos in your classroom.

1. Students Work at Own Pace

One of the most powerful aspects of having students watch instructional videos is they can learn at their own pace. Allowing students to pause, rewind, and even fast forward instruction provides students control and ownership over their learning. Not only can they control the video, they can also adjust the speed of the narration. This helps in comprehension.

2. Students Choose the Time & Place

Creating instructional videos allows your students the opportunity to choose when and where they learn. Although you may require students to watch the videos before coming to class as homework or doing during class itself, the choice is there for both the teacher and the student. In addition, the student can always go back and view the videos while working on homework or studying for the tests. Having instructional videos also support students when they can’t be in the classroom, for example, home sick or out of town with family. With the increase in mobile devices students and teachers have way more freedom on when and where learning takes place.

To continue reading about instructional videos in the classroom check out the #tt4t blog by clicking here.

Appy Time / Websites


Class kick allows teachers to create assignments with existing worksheets, audio, video or web content. The teacher can see students working on the assignments and provide feedback in real time. Students can anonymously help each other when they get stuck. They also can work at their own pace and ask for help privately. Use Classkick for assignments, quizzes, homework, do-now work, or guided practice.

Code.Org Workshop

Are you interested in learning more about coding in the classroom? Check out this awesome opportunity to learn more about coding! Join us for the Code.Org Workshop. Space is limited to 20 participants.

Techie Tuesday Opportunity

Would you like to learn how to create a global classroom? Come learn multiple ways to connect your students to other classrooms and experts inside and outside of the Bellevue community. Learn how to use Google+ Hangouts, Mystery Skypes, Facebook, Twitter and other tools to help your students connect and learn globally. Join us for TechieTuesday on February 23, 2016! To attend a Techie Tuesday contact your principal and fill out the Request to Attend a Conference form.

Tweet Time--Tweets From Those You Know

Use Twitter to be connected! If you are a tweeter, remember to tag your tweets with #bpsne and #tt4t so more teachers can see what is happening in your classroom. Sharing is the name of the game! Remember there are lots of great chats to explore to connect with others in your content area. Just pull up the hashtag and enjoy the conversation.
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