Book Review by: Jeremiah Timberlake

Author: Veronica Roth

526 pages

"A journey to a world within a world!"


Tris has only known the world that is within the fence. She has been taught that a successful society must divide its people into one of five different factions who share a dominate virtue. It is believed this division will bring peace and harmony to a city. The factions have been outlawed by Evelyn, who has gained control over the city bringing confusion and fear. This event caused a band of rebels to form. The group led by Johanna Reyes and Cara call themselves the Allegiant. They value the old ways and the guidance of the city's founders. The mission of the Allegiant is to reestablish the factions and, to go beyond the fence. So in secret, Tris, Christina, Tobias, Caleb, Peter, and Uriah venture outside of the city's gates.


I think the theme of this book is that if people keep you in a "box" you can't grow. The factions in the story keeps people isolated and encourage the use of one trait as their whole self image. People should embrace all of their qualities and use them at the moment they are called for. I think that I am a Divergent. Divergent means that you can't be categorized into one faction. I try to use every trait everyday at home and in school. I think I will be brave if I had to be. I am always honest. I am anxious to learn and I try to make good decisions, so I guess I'm intelligent. I try to get along well with others and keep the peace. I am selfless because I try to help others. I plan to use these traits throughout my life!