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Free Skiing Slope Style

Free Skiing Slope Style

Free Skiing Slope style was added to the Olympic program on July 4th, 2011.

§ Nick Goepper was the first American free skier to qualify for the Olympics.

§ He recently competed in the free skiing slope style and did the triple cork 1440 in competition at the X games.

§ Keri Herman, 30, is the oldest member of Free Skiing Slope Style.

§ Slope Style is a winter sporting event where the goal is to perform the most difficult tricks

§ Slope style snowboarding/skiing is performed on specially made trails at ski mountains

§ These trails, called "terrain parks" or "jib parks", are filled with various types of jumps and other obstacles.§ The goal of the snowboarder/skier is to use all of these to their advantage while riding down.

§ Jumps on a slopestyle course can be as big or small as needed, but most range from 20 to 80 feet long.

§ Rails come in all shapes and sizes, from long straight ones to rainbow shaped ones.

§ Rails must be cared for extensively

§ The snowboarder/skier tries to perform tricks onto or off the rail in combination with sliding the whole length of the rail

§ Similar to a rail is an obstacle called a box.

§ Just as it sounds, a box is literally a wooden or metal box placed on the mountain whose top is covered with a slippery material

§ This allows snowboarders/skiers to ride onto the box and slide the length of it back onto the snow.

§ The goal of this obstacle is to hit the sphere with the tips of your skis or poles while clearing it

§ Also, there are "table tops", where the rail takes the form of a wide box rail or a "picnic table