Plessy vs. Ferguson

The supreme court case that changed society

What was the Plessy vs. Ferguson court case about?

In 1890 the legislature passed a separate car act which meant that African Americans and whites would be treated the same but on different cars. On June 7,1892 Plessy bought a first class ticket to East Louisiana, he boarded and sat in the whites only car. Plessy had no black heritage but was asked to be moved to the segregated car, refused and was arrested on charges of violating the Separate Car Act.

Who won the court case?

Plessy only had one person on his side during the case meaning that Judge Ferguson would win the court case of Plessy vs. Ferguson.

Plessy Vs Ferguson

How is this case similar to other racial issues?

It was in this time period where there was a lot of racial violence.