A Personal Vendetta

Introduction to Hamlet

Shakespeare's Life

  • Does not have a birth record, but is believed to be born on 4/23/1564
  • Has two older sisters (Joan and Judith)
  • Has three younger brothers (Gilbert, Richard, and Edmund)
  • Father - John Shakespeare
  • Mother- Mary Aden
  • Married to Anne Hathaway
  • Had twins, Hamnet and Judith, but Hamnet died at the age of 11
  • Became an actor and playwright in London in 1592
  • Sold and published many books/plays
  • Built the Globe in 1599
  • No record of death, but is believed to have died on his birthday 4/23/1616
  • Left most of his belongings to his first daughter

Shakespeare's Work

  • Shakespeare's work is timeless which allows people to still relate to the characters and stories he wrote
  • Sonnets were dedicated to Henry Wriothesley and William Herbert
  • The Renaissance period was from the 14th century to the 17th century
  • Renaissance core values - development of new technologies, discovery of new continents, and the increase of demand for the arts (people shifted away from religion and to plays/stories)
  • Shakespeare was able to do what was once not approved by the church/people and was influenced by the Renaissance
  • Used human characters with a "mental complexity", everyone had human emotions and made mistakes no matter their social hierarch, and used his knowledge of Greek and Roman classics
  • Shakespeare's plays were for all, including Kings and Queens
  • Main moral of his plays/stories are about how far someone would go for a loved one or to obtain power and what flows through his/her mind
  • Women are presented weaker then men emotionally
  • Men are presented more reckless/vengeful than women
Video SparkNotes: Shakespeare's Hamlet Summary

Hamlet Characters

  • Hamlet the Ghost - Hamlet's father (King)
  • Hamlet the Prince - Hamlet (prince)
  • Claudis - Hamlet's Uncle (King)
  • Gertrude - Hamlet's mom (Queen)
  • Ophelia - Hamlet's crush (Polonius's daughter)
  • Horatio - Hamlet's best friend
  • Polonius - "Lord Chamberlain of Claudis's court"
  • Laertes - Polonius's son/Ophelia's brother
  • Rosencrantz/Guildenstern - two courtiers who use to be friends of Hamlet

By: Dan Seelagy