Stressors for Teens

Rylee Hankins

What are stressors?

A stressor is anything thing that causes stress. Stressors can be people, objects, places, events, and situations that can cause stress to anyone.

Life Situations

- School Demands

- Problems with friends, bullying

- Peer Pressure

- Family problems, abuse

- Moving or changing schools

-Breaking up with a girlfriend or boyfriend.


- Unsafe neighborhood

- Media (TV, magazines, newspapers, Internet)

- Natural disaster

- Threat of terrorist

- War

- Global Warming


- Changes in body

- Illness

- Injury

- Disability

Cognitive (Thinking)

- Poor Self- esteem

- Personal appearance

- Not fitting in

Personal Behavior

- Taking on a schedule

- Relationship issues

- Smoking

- Using alcohol or the other drugs

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