Hannah Gibbons' Family Updates

February 26, 2021

Our Mission & Vision:

At Hannah Gibbons we believe that all students can learn and succeed. Our commitment is to provide a safe and intellectual learning environment that will empower our scholars to become critical thinkers, problem solvers and gain a better understanding of being an asset to their community.

As a STEM school, students are expected to master the core literacy skills along with the STEM literacy skills of design, inquiry, invention, and teamwork through problem based learning.

Through effective partnerships with teachers, parents, and the community, Hannah Gibbons provides opportunities for academic and social-emotional learning to take place inside the classroom and at home.

Letter from our CEO

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School Tour for Hybrid Learning

CMSD School Tour for Hybrid Learning

Transportation Guidelines General Bus Rules

The bus is an extension of the school, as is the driver an extension of the teacher.

The same rules that apply in school also apply to the school bus. Please be aware that for every disregard of the rules, there will be a consequence.

  1. Be at the bus stop ten (10) minutes before pick-up time. This means not sitting in a car or running from a house. Do not start dressing the student when the bus arrives.

  2. City Nuisance Laws prohibit buses from blowing their horns at stops.

  3. Do not disrespect the driver, attendant or any other adult that might be on the bus.

  4. Do not push, shove, fight, shout or swear while at the stop or on the bus.

  5. Stand on the sidewalk and wait until the driver stops the bus, opens the door and signals you to board the bus. Stay seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.

  6. Stay in your assigned seat and hold your personal belongings and books.

  7. Do not sit or lean backward on the seat backs. Keep your hands to yourself.

  8. Do not stand in the street, on or around railroad tracks or on a residence property.

  9. Do not bring food or drink onto the bus. Do not eat or drink on the bus.

  10. Do not carry harmful or illegal items on the bus including: drugs, tobacco, alcohol, weapons, animals or anything not conducive to a safe bus riding.

  11. Do not litter the bus or throw trash out of the windows.

  12. Do not throw anything in the bus, out of the bus windows or at another vehicle.

  13. Keep the aisle clear so the driver can see out the back window.

  14. Do not bother other riders, the bus driver or attendant (unless there is an emergency) or anyone standing outside of the bus.

  15. Do not put your head, feet or arms outside the bus window.

  16. Do not vandalize the bus (parents will be liable for damage to the bus).

  17. Do not play with emergency latches or doors.

  18. Follow the instructions of the driver or attendant the first time they are given.

  19. Stay seated until the bus comes to a complete stop and the driver says it is OK to exit the bus.

  20. Enter and exit only at your ASSIGNED stop.

  21. Cross the street in front of the bus and only when instructed by the driver to do so.

  22. The use of electronic devices (cell phones, head sets, CD players, iPods, etc.) is strictly prohibited and must be stored in a book bag, pocket or purse upon entering the bus.

  23. Railroad crossings are very important. Listen for the driver’s instructions when approaching a railroad crossing.

  24. Immoral (sexual content or behavior, etc.) or illicit conduct will not be tolerated and will be a cause for immediate removal from the bus.

  25. Parents are not permitted to board any bus unless given permission by the driver (prosecutable offense).

  26. Any rule not stated above will revert back to the school rules.

Failure to follow the above rules and conditions of the school bus can result in suspension or expulsion from CMSD school buses.

COVID-Specific Bus Rules

To maintain safety for the driver, attendants, and students, CMSD will implement a zero tolerance policy regarding these COVID-19 safety rules. Drivers will collect signed copies of the acknowledgement of these rules from students/families to keep on file.

  • Parents are required to check each morning for signs of illness. If the student has any of the signs listed below, he/she should not go to school.

    • Temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher

    • Cough

    • Diarrhea

    • Severe headache

    • Vomiting

    • Body aches

    • Runny nose

  • Students must wear a mask for the entire duration of ride.

  • Students must sanitize their hands upon boarding the school bus.

  • One child per seat.

  • Students must sit in an assigned seat; no exceptions.

  • Students are only permitted to board the bus at their assigned stop.

  • Students must practice social distancing at assigned stops and when boarding the school bus.

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Learning Pod Information

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