Performance Final

By: Jose Urdaneta

Smore #1 Media Analyzation.

I believe the media is a great way of communication; it has helped modern world society develop in impacting ways. Thanks to the media a person from China can communicate with an American in a split second. Modern world media such as the Internet has and always will help human society, by making our lives easier for example: people don’t go much to the store anymore, thanks to the Internet you can just order what you need from your house. I believe a “media literate” person is someone who knows how to operate these devices like phones, and computers. While the media has helped modern day society it has also caused some conflicts, bullying is one of the biggest Kids now days are using the media to abuse one another and it has become a growing problem since 1998. Also we may not know what kids do in computers or on their smart phones, yes they might be good kids but the internet is enormous and it opens a lot of doors for temptation, curiosity is the main caused that kids now days get in trouble thanks to the media. Last year a woman was murdered by some psychopath, she met this man threw e-harmony, well they decided to meet up when she saw the guy police say he grabbed her, drugged her, then raped and killed her. Yes the media is great but you must know how to control it because it can cause tragedies among our loved ones or maybe people that’re just closed to us.

Smore #2 V For Vendetta.

In the fictional 2005 film V for Vendetta James Mcteigue argues in his BTN speech that, “there is something terribly wrong with this country” (Paragraph 1). Mcteigue primarily points out how the government oppresses the English citizens by saying “Systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission” (Paragraph 1), Mcteigue also states the people are responsible for allowing government oppression by saying “If you’re looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror” (Paragraph 2), and he concludes his speech with a call to action “If you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you seek as I seek, than I ask you to stand by beside me a year from tonight” (Paragraph 5). Mcteigue longs for people, in order to advance society, he states this by saying “Remind the world that fairness, justice, and freedom are more than words” (Paragraph 4). Mcteigue not only targets the people of England, he targets society as well; he began his speech with a calm apology, evolves to an inspiring call to action on his speech.

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Somre #3 Macbeth as flaw or hero?

Part I: Macbeth.

I believe Macbeth was a flawed hero, because he wasn't trying to be a hero nor a good guy. He saw that there was something wrong with Duncan's monarchy, so he decided to kill him to put an end to his dystopia ruling. Macbeth had too much confidence on the witches prophecies and he truly believed he was almost immortal. His flaw was his ambition to be in power, Macbeth would do whatever it took him to be in power. He died in battle when Malcolm and his army raided the palace Malcolm decapitated Macbeth. Macbeth's death symbolized how he went mad do to his anxiety.

Part II: Divergent (Triss).

In the movie Divergent our main character Triss was our "flaw hero". She didn't question her society, until her childhood colony Amnigation was massacred by her new Dauntless colony. The "monsters" were the government who sent to kill all divergent people like Triss. Triss did not go down without a fight she built a civil army and won the war sadly this cost her, her life.

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Smore #4 Winston as an archetype.

Is he the reason the party will be defeated?

Winston very may well be the spirit the people needed to defeat the party. This would be but he never expressed himself to anyone else but Julia. The only way this would be true is if he breaks free of being brain washed and escaping the thought police. So he could have been the idea the people needed but it could be too late to show it now.

O'Brien telling Winston he is last human.

When O’Brien tells Winston that he is the last human it is very deep. He does not mean physically he means mentally. This is because Winston is still thinking and trying to believe in other things he has control of his mind. Other people however do not they are somewhat brainwashed to believe and continue believing in what the party wants. That is why killing Winston was not enough they had to make him believe as well

Smore #5 O'Brien Victim or villain?

I guess we could say that O'Brien is nether or both. From my view point O'Brien is a product of society and he just does what he's told. What i have learned from previous experiments i have witness, is that people are not really evil they are just caught up in the moment. He could have been a normal human been before the so called 'revolution'. O'Brien is truly fascinating to me he sees the world the exact way this distopian society wants you to see the world. in my opinion he's more of a victim than a villain, it has been proven normal sane humans. will do incredibly brutal things to others if instructed to due so by an authority figure. this can be what Orwell was trying to show his audience. He wanted to us to see how much harm a regular human like you and i can cause so much pain in another person when told to so and the worse part is that O'Brien did all of this without second guessing himself.

Smore #6 Superbowl ad.

On February 2, 2014 in Super Bowl 48 Budweiser created an ad named Hero’s Welcome, Budweiser asserts that it supports our troops. Budweiser illustrated in the ad a U.S. soldier coming home, receiving a warm welcoming by his girlfriend, and once they get to their home town Budweiser had sponsored a parade for him where the entire town celebrated his return. Budweiser showed how they don’t only sell bear but hope, in order to advertise their product, the carriage the soldier was riding on had the Budweiser logo and almost in every camera shot the logo appeared. Budweiser targeted the people over 21 years old to purchase a Budweiser beer if you support our troops, the tone of the ad was warm, very cheerful, and joyful.

Smore #7 Self Reflection

Media literacy has truly changed my views in humanity, because of the media people behave in a such way as if we would do anything for like wild animals. My views have lost hope on many aspects of humanity due to social media. Many young man and woman today don't even bother to speak to one another, they're always too busy sending a text or answering a call, not even that! It is rare to se a young teen speaking on the phone with someone who is not a sibling to them. social media has even played a big role on politics, this has to be absurd, "don't always believe what you see in a scree" my father said to me and he is right. A person will struggle, maybe even bluff to lie to your face. Social media has made it easier for politicians to lie to us about many things. "build a wall." Republican candidate Donald Trump stated that by building a wall we could stop completely the flow of illegal immigrants. And not only that, he also lied about how he would have Mexico pay for it. Through this course I learned that, a person should always analyze before they post. By doing this instead of saying ignorant ideas, you can actually make an educated, and sophisticated statement. This course has been different because, it didn't concentrate on boring essays, instead I actually enjoyed analyzing articles and discussing them. This class is perfect how it is, nothing should be done to change it.

Smore #8 Autocorrect Humanity.

Technology has separated us to one another and I agree with this being a permanent reality. The internet its and entire dimension that we have created. It has broken apart friendships, families, even marriages. This addiction has increased through time, people can't go a good solid 10 minutes without they're cellular devices. At times people check they're phone even thought they are aware that they have no texts, nor missed calls. there is no way we could possibly stop it, it has become human culture to check your phone, or log on a social media website. We must advance the addiction in a healthy way we must not lose touch with one another, being social is not being online, being social is physically speaking to one another, going to the park, or simply sitting around and actually interact with another human and not a screen. I will use social media in a healthy no more than 30 minute a day, I like going outside and interacting with my family and friends.