Multilingual Mustangs

Back to School Edition

Our Purpose

To communicate up-to-date information and strategies on English Learner instruction with all stakeholders at Russell Cave Elementary.

Our Mission

Ensure a positive, all inclusive environment by providing our linguistically and culturally diverse students with research-based strategies, accommodations, and culturally responsive instruction to promote success in and out of the classroom.

EL Happenings and Celebrations

Welcome Back!

We are so excited for this new school year! It is going to be an amazing year full of fun and growth for all. I know we were all ready to get back to a full year of "normal". We have already been in all of your rooms co-teaching, assessing and screening all of our new students, and will begin pulling students for small groups starting the week of the 6th. Be flexible with us as our schedules will more than likely change as we work out kinks and get in the groove.

We are starting to set up or annual LAC meetings. Be on the look out for sign up sheets!

We can't wait to work with you and your child/student this year!!

Click the links below to access each of our current schedules.




Hispanic Heritage Month

Door Decoration Challenge

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated in the United States from September 15th- October 15th recognizing the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans to the history, culture, and achievements for the US.

To celebrate here at RCE, we would like to host a door decorating challenge! Think Encanto style door! Feel free to incorporate your class mascot as well as items/strengths/talents of individuals in you classroom.

Our goal with this is to bring some COLOR to Hispanic heritage month. The bigger the better! Get creative with your students. Hispanic Heritage Month begins on September 15th. So that we can all enjoy the doors before Fall Break, we would like for your door to be decorated by Friday, September 23. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the EL team.


Resources to help at home! Recursos para ayudar en casa!

Sight Word Practice!

Please practice sight words with your student. Your student should know what list they are working on. This will help your child improve their reading. Click here to get to the list!

God's Pantry (Food Pantry)

We found out some great information at one of our trainings about God's Pantry! Families who are in need of assistance with groceries can fill out an application/intake form to be able to visit one of the four God's Pantry locations in Lexington. All locations are open Monday through Friday. Here are the specific times each one is open:

-Central Christian Church (219 East Short Street): 1:00pm-3:00pm

-Cambridge (located in Community Action Building - 1902 Cambridge Drive): 3:00pm-5:00pm

-St. Luke United Methodist Church (2351 Alumni Drive): 5:00pm-7:00pm

-Northside Branch Lexington Public Library (1733 Russell Cave Road): 12:00pm-2:00pm

Appointments are needed so that there would be enough food for everyone at each location. Each household is eligible to receive food twice a month. If you know of a family who may benefit from this service, please reach out to one of us for a form. We currently have them in Spanish and Swahili. We will also make sure Mrs. Brock has access to these forms as well.

EL Strategy Spotlight

R.A.C.E. & R.A.P.

These acronyms are not new but we wanted to send a refresher on something easy to implement right away to help your students be successful answering comprehension questions. R.A.C.E. is used to answer extended responses while RAP is used for short answer responses. Please model explicitly with your students. Make it a checklist students use before turning in their responses. Their are a ton of free posters and more you can download out there but here are just a few.

Click below for resources.

Cheat Sheet

Posters & Examples

Helpful Resources

Big picture

Bilingual Glossaries & Cognates

Check out the resource linked here! These are digital glossaries (word-to-word dictionaries) split up by content area. They are allowable for instructional and assessment accommodations. The glossaries can be downloaded, printed, and disseminated as needed. Please use this resource with kids that would benefit

Interpretation Services Offered

•Onsite Interpreting (1 hour minimum)

•Virtual Interpreting (45 minute minimum)

•Telephonic Interpreting (3-way calls) – On-Call Interpreter List

•Telephonic Interpreting (3-way calls) – Language Line *Emergency use only*

•Document Translation

Capitalizing on Similarities and Differences between Spanish and English

Take a few minutes to read the article linked here. It is a quick read full of information that you can use immediately in working with your kids.