What to do and what not to do !!


Staying away from electricity is an important part of staying safe. Electricity is very dangerous for a thunderstorm. Stay away from socket or a plug-in. And stay away from electrical thing ( music box that's plugged up ). So that is what you should do if you stayed around electricity.

Floods can happen !!!

Floods are not a good thing in a thunderstorm. What can cause floods is heavy rains form thunderstorms. Some floods can cause water to come over houses. Floods can be very fast and dangerous. That is what can happen in thunderstorms that are servere.

Have you ever....

Have you ever been in a thunderstorm that had a flood? If so did you have a plan ? If you did great always have a plan for any kind of storm and here's some tips to keep you safe. #1 Have food and supplies

#2 Stay in side

#3 Don't stand under a tree

# 4 Don't go near lightning

# 5 Be prepared for the worst and the best