Roberts Library Update

Week of September 3

Library Classes This Week

Pre-K- Learn how to come into the library and listen to a story, sing, move

Kinder- Enjoying Storytime

1st-4th - Our lesson this week will focus on setting realistic goals (since they will be setting AR goals with you) AND how to find a book on their reading level. NO CHROMEBOOKS NEEDED.

Seesaw vs. Google Classroom

My goal was to use Seesaw across the board (K-4). However, we have run into the following snags:

  • Free Seesaw (which is what we have) only allows TWO co-teachers. I was the third in 4th grade.
  • Some grades do not use Seesaw with their students.
  • I couldn't turn the notifications off for your Seesaw accounts.

SOOOO...In the library, I will be using Seesaw for K-2 and Google Classroom for grades 3-4.

Fridays in the Library

If you have a handful of students who need to get books on Friday during their library time it is fine with me. However, if it is not a REAL need, please don't send your students with books on Fridays. Since we have only thirty minutes and we switch with PE, it is easier to just do stations and go to PE with empty hands.

Any student who DOES need a book, will check out the book and leave it in the library during PE. Those students will need to come back by the library to pick up their book on the way back to class. Thanks for helping with this!

Feel Free to Share This With Parents

I created this playlist for students that explains how our AR program and Reading Team works. If you have a way to share links with your student's parents, feel free to share this link with them:

Something Special is Coming...

I am working on a student library ambassador program this year. I will choose 10-12 students (total) from grades 1-4. This special group will meet with me once a week for an hour or less during the end of October-early December. Their primary role will be purchasing books for our library! I will dedicate a portion of my book budget to this group. They will survey peers to find out what interests our population, they will learn about budgeting and purchasing, and they will help make important decisions for our book purchases! I CAN'T WAIT to see how this turns out!

Be on the Lookout...

Birthday Book Club is coming!

Parents will have the option to purchase a book (from a pre-selected "wishlist") in honor of their child's birthday! The book will contain a special bookplate with that student's name inside, they will be the first person to check the book out, and then it goes into circulation for our library!