JW Reason Elementary

4th Grade Newsletter- May 2015

May Already?

Every year at this time I stop and can't believe we are already here. May already? Where did the year go? I remember meeting each student during the open house or the first day of school. I remember waiting outside as the busses unloaded on the first day, equally as nervous as the students for the first day.

We have had a long, great year together! The students have worked hard and it really shows. I love May and celebrating everything that students have done throughout the year. I know they are excited for the end of the year and summer. We will have a terrific last month together.

I want to thank each of you for supporting your students and our classroom this year. You truly make a difference in their lives each day.

What's on the Calendar?

May 4- Social Studies PARCC test

May 5- NO SCHOOL for students

May 14- 4th Grade Arts Night

May 21- 4th Grade Play

May 22- FIELD DAY!!

May 25- Memorial Day- No School

May 28- Spring Class Parties


May Curriculum

What are we learning this month?

Math- This month we are going to be finishing up our Geometry unit and starting our measurement unit. Students need to know how to convert measurements within our customary and metric systems. We will also be studying area, perimeter, linear measurements, and capacity.

Science- Students will be learning all about Earth Science this month. This includes understanding weathering and erosion helps shape our earth. We will take a look at real life examples and learn from hands-on experiments.

Reading- We are learning more about the features of non-fiction texts and how author's purposefully chose visual text features that help us understand the text better. We will also be revisiting fiction literature to talk about the mood an author creates. Finally, after learning about all different genre's this year through reading and writing, we will talk about the author's purpose for different types of writing.

Students will also be a participant in their final book club this month. We choose our new books today!

Library Books

All library books are due back to our school library by May 15. Librarians must begin taking inventory. If a student has lost or damaged a book, it must be paid for so that we can continue to provide books for all students.

Notices are going home today about late/missing books. Please check with your student and get the books returned this week.

More about upcoming events...

May 5- NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS! Teachers will be participating in a district wide professional development day. We will be back to our normal schedule Wednesday, May 6th.

May 14- Each year, Mrs. Cline and Mrs. Curran hosts and art show for each grade level. This is an evening for students to showcase what they have been working on in the arts department all year. Art work is displayed all around the building and the students have performances to showcase what they have learned about dance and their recorders. Please plan on attending our 4th grade arts night, May 21st, from 6-7:30pm. Flyer's pizza will be available for purchase for dinner.

May 21st- 4th Grade Play! Students are hard at work practicing the production of the 4th grade play, written by Mrs. Curran herself. They will be performing the play for our school and for parents. The evening performance is May 21st at 7pm. Please join us and see the great, creative work of our students.

May 22- FIELD DAY. Field day is every elementary students favorite way to end the year. We will have ours on Friday, May 22. Please be sure students are dressed appropriately for a fun day outside.

May 28- Class parties. Students will participate in class parties at the end of the day on Thursday, May 28th.

May 29th- OUR LAST DAY OF 4th GRADE!!!