The current population of Sicily is 5.082 million people and in Toronto our current population is 2.615milion people here. I think Sicily has more people because they have Beautiful beaches and fantastic Restaurants and that's the kind of stuff people like.


Sicily has most houses together on some sort of hills like Rio also Sicily has houses located near beaches so people who live there don't have to walk that much. Toronto has mansions in Neighbourhood's in Sicily its less secured but in Toronto the houses are more secured more secured than Sicily.


In Sicily you will mostly see beaches oceans and land where the farmers work also you will see huge mountains too. But in Toronto you will mostly see parks building and houses mostly a place where tourists will go and also Sicily sounds like a place people will go for a vacation.


The average daytime temperature in Sicily is 13 degrees and the temperature is 15 degrees I think this is like this because its mostly hot down there and because Sicily is located in the south and Toronto's average temperature exceeds at 9 degrees.


Sicily jobs are ,furiegn,tour guides,and teaching English and Toronto's jobs are baking,police,and bus driver and there are so many more jobs in Sicily and Toronto too I like Sicily's jobs because they sound much more easy. Also some jobs pay 3,294$ like dentist and a general physician.


In Sicily healthcare cost is very high it can cost you 10,000$ it is like this because Sicily is a low risk destination but accidents can happen anywhere and tragedy can happen too but Sicily doesn't have the proper tools to help these people heal. Which means why you need to pay 10,000$ so they can get the proper materials.