World War II

Camden Harsh Academic 2

World War II was one of the most deadliest wars all because of Adolf Hitler, and what he did. Adolf killed thousands of Jewish children, men, and women. World War II was awful for anyone that knew about the holocaust especially anyone who had a friend or a relative at a concentration camp (where Jews were held before they died). The worst part was that this was spreading across Europe throughout countries Hitler either destroyed or took over. There is only one way to stop this horrible murdering of thousands of Jewish people...war!

First Germany attacked Poland...Germany was the overall winner of that battle, with that Germany takes over Poland. Then the allies were made (America's side), also the axis were made (Germany's side). The war continued for about 15 ,16 years from 1939 to 1945, 5 years before my grandmother was born! About 100,000,000 people participated in World War II, in total about 11,000,000 died in World War II (including the holocaust and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki).

America eventually joined the war and won against Germany and the axis. Adolf committed suicide the day Germany surrendered to the allies. When america won the allies and anyone who was in the war was relived. The holocaust was over and everyone was freed.

World War II

After the war america went on to their normal lives and rebuilt what was broken or damaged. Anyone who had someone die in the war suffer there loss. Jewish families were reunited with the survivors of the holocaust where the survivors were helped and gratefully alive. This day was amazing for anyone on the allies and anyone who survived the holocaust. Soldiers were sent back home to there families everyone was grateful that they were alive.