Sports Newsletter

EAL Project realized by Louise, Maé, Marius, Sammel


In EAL, we had to make a newsletter, and we decided to do one about sports. Louise is going to talk about basketball. Marius is going to talk about soccer, Sammel is going to talk about tennis, and finally, Mae is going to talk about the new athletic center at Dwight. To find all this information, we had to research, interview, and spend time planning together. To do all that, we had to be organized. We had a folder where we would have our paper. We also had a planning sheet. Once we finished our work, we would help each other by proofreading each other's work.

Us with our folders, trying not be seen!

Basketball: fun facts and facts that you don't know about by Louise


James Naismith (1861-1939) invented basketball in 1891. The first backboards were made of wire and the first “hoops” were peach baskets! On March 2, 1962, the Philadelphia center player Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in one game against New York. No one has ever scored as many points as that. No one has ever won more games than Lenny Wilkens, a coach from the Atlanta Hawks. At the beginning, the basketball was brown but people changed it to orange, a brighter color. In 1982, people played the first basketball game. The court was half smaller than today’s court. The NBA was created in 1949. Other ideas of names were NBL (National Basketball league) and BAA (Basketball Association of America). Basketball was first played with a soccer ball until it was changed in 1929. Michael Jordan is considered one of the best basketball players around the world. He is now a legend of basketball with his record score of 5,987. Women's Basketball started in 1892 and some rules were changed to fit women.

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Interview of Alex Asciutto '19

Q: Do you like basketball?:

A: Yes!

Q:Why do you like basketball so much?

A: It gives me a chance to be a team player.

Q: Do you know any fun facts?

A: The NBA high average in 2012 was 6.6 ft tall.

Q: Who is your favorite player and why?

A: Dwight Howard. He wants to make his teammates better and he always has a good attitude.

Q:Where and what is your favorite place to play basketball?

A: Inside the JCC.

Soccer by: Marius

Soccer: On the field there are 11 players on each team (including the goalkeeper). On the bench, each team should have at least one extra player, how many depends on where you are playing. To play a game there has to be two teams. The size of the soccer ball is size 5 in professional leagues. The point of the game is to kick the ball past the goalkeeper and into the goal.

You cannot tackle from behind under any circumstances. If you don’t hit the ball otherwise, you get expelled off of the field with a red card.

ONLY the goalkeeper (and referee) can pick up the ball with their hands within a range of 16 x 40 meters from the goal. In professional soccer, the goal is supposed to be 7 meters in width and 2 meters high. The full field is 45-90 in width and 90-120 in length. The game itself is controlled by a referee. If you tackle someone illegally you can get a red card which means you can't play the rest of the game. You can also get suspended for a period of time depending on how rough the tackle was. If the ball goes out of play by the sideline it is a throw in for the other team. If someone on your own team kicks the ball past the baseline, it is a corner kick which is on one of the corners of your own field.

Marius playing soccer in Riverside Park

Interview with Mr. Horvath, teacher at Dwight

Interview with Mr. Horvath, teacher at Dwight:

“Who’s your favorite soccer player and why?”

Beckham because he is the only one who raised the soccer intrest in America.

“Do you play soccer? If so, how often?”

I don’t play soccer.

“What’s your favorite soccer team? Why?”

I would say the US National Team because when they play the nation comes together to really support soccer.

“A lot of people agree that Pele is the best soccer player of all times. Do you agree with this? Why or why not?”

“I don't know enough about him."

Interview with Jorge Perez, student at Dwight

Interview with Jorge Perez, student at Dwight.

“Who’s your favorite soccer player and why?”.

“Beckham, because he seemed like a really good player and looked sympathetic and cool.”

“Do you play soccer? If so, how often?”

“I play soccer about every 2 weeks."

“What’s your favorite soccer team? Why?”

“Real Madrid” because I'm born in Madrid and they're really good.”

“A lot of people agree that Pele is the best soccer player of all times. Do you agree with this? Why or why not?”

“He is one of the best, but maybe not the best.”


"It seems that God brought me to Earth with a mission to play soccer,"(Edson Arantes "Pelé" Nascimento.) Pelé (Edson Arantes Do Nascimento) is probably the best soccer player that has ever lived. Born the 23 of October 1940, his father had been a soccer player but left the game with a fractured leg. Pele`s family was very poor and when he wasn't practicing soccer, he was shining shoes for some pennies. At his first game for Sao Paulo, he scored a goal only 16 years old. He has played 4 world championships. In his career he's scored 1,280 goals in 1,360 games. Which makes him the second most scoring soccer player of all times. When Pele was a teenager he began playing for a local minor-league. At the age of 11 one of the countries best soccer players discovered him, Waldemar de Brito. He brought Pele to Sao Paulo.

“This boy will be the greatest soccer player in the world” he said. (Edson Arantes "Pele" Nascimento) He was right. In his first match he scored a goal immediately, and he was only 16. Pele was an average sized man gifted with speed and blessed with balance and amazing ability to control the ball.

Pele played 4 world cups for Brazil's national team. The 1958 cup in Sweden he won 5-2 over Sweden . All in all he had scored 6 goals throughout the whole championship. Also he scored 2 goals in the final game vs Sweden. A this point he was only 17 but already a legend. Big European soccer clubs wanted him, but the country said he was a national treasure. When Pele was 29 years old he played the world cup finals in Mexico. Brazil won 4-1 against Italy. Of course, “It was Brazil's 100th World Cup goal, and the one he remembers the most.” (Edson Arantes "Pelé" Nascimento.)

"I have a special feeling for that goal because I scored it with my head," he said. "My father was a soccer player and once scored five goals in a game, all with his head. That was one record I was never able to break." (Edson Arantes "Pelé" Nascimento.)

For Santos FC he scored 127 goals in 1956, he scored 110 in 1961. Furthermore, he scored 101 in 1965. Pele has the record for hat tricks, 92. In addition, he also holds the record for goals scored in international matches. Pele was a great player, possibly the best of all times.

(Edson Arantes "Pelé" Nascimento.) He retired in 1974. On his shirt he was number 10 left forward. 10, a magic number. He was incredibly good in heading, and had amazing balance as well as dribbling skills.

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Athletic center by Mae Klein

Hello My Dear Readers,

Today I am going to be talking about the new athletic center for Dwight school. It is the biggest athletic center of Manhattan. “This is a dream-come-true for our school,” said Stephen Spahn, the chancellor of Dwight for the past 45 years. “It is a great partnership between two great communities, and a huge opportunity to bring them together.”(Daily News). A pool is going to be included. It is a 25-yard, six-lane swimming pool. A swimming team is going to become a new after-school sport. It is going to be hard work to get on the swimming team. Additionally, swimming lessons are going to be extra. A huge gym is also added. The basketball team is often going to go practice and play against other schools there. Exercise rooms; locker rooms and saunas; and a rooftop space, and two tennis courts will also incorporated.

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Interview with Mr. Bailey

The athletic center is going to be fun for all of us, but before the end of this article we have an interview with Mr. Bailey:

1. When did you start building? And how long did it take?

We did not build it. 60 years ago it was built, but it was not completed. Then it was a dormitory and 10 years later it was bought and renovated by Dwight.

2. How will the students get there?

We will have a bus and it will take 13 to 15 minutes.

3. How often will students get to use it?

The basketball, swimming and other teams will use it and sometimes middle school games will be there. We will be able to train athletes in the weight room. Additionally, there will sometimes be assemblies there.

4. What's your favorite sport?

It's football and all others kinds of sports. I was also the head of track where I taught in California.

The athletic center is going to be a fun and exciting experience for everyone. We will get to enjoy the biggest sport center in Manhattan. A bigger space to do sports is going to be better for all the teams at Dwight. It is all going to be a great experience. “L-I-O-N-S we’re the Dwight lions and we are the best, go Dwight yea, yea go Dwight!”

Tennis: Facts And History by Sammel A.

Here are some interesting facts that you may know or not:

- The sport of tennis was invented in Great Britain.

- On grass, still played, Wimbledon is one of the major tournaments playing on this type of court.

- In 1986, yellow tennis balls were used at Wimbledon for the first time.

- Venus Williams made the fastest serve with a speed of 205 km/h.

- 24 Grand Slam titles is the record that Margaret Court holds.

- The first shorts worn at Wimbledon were worn by Henry Austin.

- Full length dresses were worn by the first women tennis players.

- Wimbledon orders 24 tons of Kent strawberries at each Championship.

- Arthur Ashe was the first African American to win the US Open.

- The first set of sisters to win an Olympic gold medal was Venus and Serena Williams.

In 1872, The first lawn tennis club was created in England. In 1873, the Sparistike (ancestor of tennis) is introduce by Major Wingerfield in the UK. Also, you maybe know that in 1875 some changes were made to the game and new rules like the deuce and the advantage were added to it. In addition, in 1880, the Renshaw brothers introduced the Overhead Smash.

Interview #1 of Zachary Bilmen, student at Dwight

1) What motivates you to play tennis? Why?

What motivates me: Tennis, gives me a rush, and adrenaline rush whenever I play it. I feel as if I am one with my body and I am flowing with such smoothness that I can accomplish anything. I crave that feeling, and why I am motivated to play this sport.

2) Why is there fuzz on a tennis ball?

There is fuzz on a tennis because the fuzz makes it so that the ball is more controlled and so the tennis player can know where that ball will bounce at. Also the fuzz makes it so that the tennis balls last longer so more than needed do not have to be created.

3) What are your weaknesses?

One of my weaknesses is that I sometimes cannot control the ball, so when I want to hit down the line, I hit crosscourt, or visa-versa. This has been my problem for quite a while, and I plan to fix it.

4) Are you looking forward to being a tennis player?

I do look forward to enhancing my tennis career because, tennis is a beautiful sport, one that I would like to master, and be even more enjoyable than it is now. This may take a while, but I will try my hardest and yearn the day I achieve this goal.

5) What advice do you have?

Well, if someone is really any age and wants to start playing tennis, try it out. If you want to progress in tennis, you have to start young. Also if you are just starting to play tennis, play as much as you can, and do not have any long pauses between practices, they will damage the way you play tennis, and will take a while to rise back up to your previous skill level.

Interview #2 of Amar Chopra, student at Dwight

1) Can you tell me some interesting facts about tennis?

Some interesting facts about tennis are yellow tennis balls were used first in 1986 at Wimbledon, another fact is that tennis came from Great Britain.

2) Who’s your favorite tennis player?

My favorite tennis player is Rafael Nadal, I like him because my friend really liked him and then I started to watch him.

3) Do you play tennis? How often?

I do not play tennis but I do like to watch it especially big tournaments like Wimbledon.

4) What is your favorite tennis tournament? Why? Have you been to one? What was it like?

My favorite tournament is Wimbledon, because it is really exciting and probably the biggest and most important tournament.

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Thanks And Hopes

We all hope that this newletter was really helpful to you. We worked really hard and as you read it, you'll like it. Thank you to our teacher to help us working by using the class periods. Also, thanks to you, who took their time to read this newsletter. If you're wondering something or that you don't understand, you can always check the sources used. The group really enjoyed writing this newsletter and we're looking forward to making a new one, of course, not now. Again, we appreciate and thanks again!