20% Closing Presentation

By: Tarra Willox and Jens Lund

Project Impact

Our project has an impact on us because we both really enjoy listening to music and discovering new music. We both like to listen to music when we study/do homework, but know it can sometimes get distracting. This project will benefit us and others by providing a healthy way to stimulate our brains in attempt to focus when doing schoolwork. This could potentially spread into classrooms during the school day to increase the ease of learning.

Reasons for Starting this Project

Jens and I discovered that we both are fond of creating music playlists and listening to them while we study. With that in mind, we decided to research the effects music has on our brains and create a music playlist that contains such music. We hoped to find some helpful information about how music affects our brains and use that to come up with a beneficial list of songs. Our goal is to incorporate the art of music therapy into modern-day school work in order to soothe the stress of not being able to focus. We intend on using music sites such as Spotify, SoundCloud, or Pandora to form and share our playlist.