Northeast News Flash

Caden Mills

The Northeast Region

The Northeast region has beautiful scenery, and fun attractions. Be sure to bring a coat though!

Our States

The states in the Northeast region are Maine, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New York, New Hampshire ,New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New England, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Maryland.

Our Climate

The Climate for the Northeast region is cold and wet. We have snowy winters, and wet summers. We get a lot of rain, and it is very chilly.

Our Attractions

The Northeast region has many attractions. One of them is Washington D.C., the capital of the United States. It is a very popular place for tourism. Another attraction is the Boston Marathon. In 2013, 23,000 people attended the Marathon. You're in for a challenge! The next attraction is the New York Ball drop. It is magical evening spent with thousands of other guests, once every year! We also have two of the Great Lakes. Lake Ontario, and Lake Erie. It is a wonderful getaway on both lakes! Lake Ontario is the smallest of the Great Lakes.

Wraping Up


This is another map if you are confused. It is located west of the Atlantic Ocean, and South of Canada.
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As you can see, we have many fun attractions, our climate is wonderful, and we have many states to settle down in. We are the best region because we have the White House. That is the capital if you didn't already know. We have the best attractions, and two of the Great Lakes. We are the best!

For More Information

For More information about the Northeast Region, watch this video