Come Visit Israel!

The Population of Israel is 8.059 million and the biggest city is Jerusalem.

The size of Israel

8,019 mi² (20,770 km²)

The latest statistics on Israel

The life expectancy in 2013, for men was around 80-81, and for women it is around 83 to 84. Last year around 32,457 marriages didn't work and they got a divorce.176,000 babies were born in 2014. Since 2014, the average number of child per a women was 3.
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The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, also know as Salt Sea, is called this name because there is no longer existing life living inside. It is also 423 meters, 1,388 feet, below sea level, which makes it Earth's lowest elevation and the saltiest sea. Since the Dead Sea has such high concentration levels, it means that people float very easily. The Dead Sea was one of the first health resorts also.