Community & Stakeholders



We believe that cooperation, collaboration, and communication, among the district, schools, parents, students, and the community is essential for the success of our instructional leaders and students. We seek the involvement of families and stakeholders in the many decisions that we must make and to help provide the resources needed to support the school's goals. We desire to form a partnership to provide an educational environment in which ALL students are served and diversity is encouraged and celebrated.



Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To Promote Lifelong Learning

Our Vision

By providing the best education possible, the Thomasville City School System empowers students to become caring, competent, responsible citizens, who value education as a lifelong process.


Our goal is for all students to experience success at Thomasville City Schools as well as in life. We are here to prepare them for today as well as for their future. We see our families as "partners" in the educational process and desire their input. We are here to address any conditions that may affect a child's learning. We desire our families' opinion in appropriate school policy implementation. Thomasville City Schools, along with all families, have the best interest of "our children" at heart.


Our instructional leaders are our primary representatives of Thomasville City Schools and actively involve and engage the community in policy implementation. We, with our community leaders, share the responsibility for student and school success.
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