Project 5

Press Fit Object

Software and Machines Used

The software I used to prepare my object for the laser engraver and assembly was Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Inventor, and 123D make. The only machine I used in this project was the Universal laser engraver.

Project Total Cost

To produce my object, I used seven sheets of cardboard, bringing my total cost for this project to $
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About my Object

My object is a 3-D model of the Stanley Cup, made out of cardboard. It is exactly 1/2 of the size of the actual Stanley Cup. I wanted to make it full size, however, I was not able to do so because of the cost of it and the fact that it wouldn't even fit on the sheets of cardboard. I could sell my product fairly easily to anyone who is a fan of the NHL and hockey in general.


Errors and Problems

In this project, I ran into one small error which cost me an extra sheet of cardboard. The first time I laser engraved my project, I cut it too small and some of my pieces broke because they were so thin. To fix this problem I made my pieces larger then cut them out again.

Lessons Learned

This project taught me that it is always better off to cut out your objects bigger because if it is too small it will be impossible to put together, if it doesn't totally break when you're cutting it out. I also learned that it is a great idea to test out your objects before cutting them out.