Internet Safety

Watch yourself!

Think for a moment...

Suppose you just met a guy online who seems to share all your interests. Seems cool enough, right? But there’s just one small detail that seems to come off as suspicious: he’s asking you to meet with him offline. Now, just what do you do in that sort of situation? Well, to put it simply, there’s a fine set of internet rules that can help you find the best actions to take to avoid you possibly being dead or missing. This is called internet safety.

Some Advice on How to Stay Safe Online

1. Don’t give yourself a username that gives away your gender

2. Don’t give away your name, age, address, or phone number when setting up a profile

3. Be wary of requests to meet offline while chatting

4. Don’t open emails attached to someone you don’t know

5. Avoid spamming

6. See if your ISP has a “friends” list that controls who can come to your site, profile, or blog