Grade 1 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Week 2 Summer Term 2016: 11th-15th April

Dates for the Diary

Thursday 28th April - Grade 1AMc and Grade 1JWo trip to Sungei Buloh.

Friday 29th April - Grade 1CNe and Grade 1AMo trip to Sungei Buloh

Thursday 5th May - Grade 1 & 2J Swim Gala

Upcoming House Swimming Gala week Information

Grade 1 – 3

4 Events: 25m Freestyle/ 25m Backstroke/25m Breaststroke/ 25m Butterfly

During PE swim lessons the children are selecting 2 of the 4 events on offer.

They are being timed during the lesson for seeding purposes as well as being taught the correct starts and finishes of the different strokes.

Xpress Swimming Timetable (April 2016)

The SJIIES Swim Galas are fast approaching (week starting 2nd May) and the children are working hard in swim lessons preparing for their events. Those classes who are currently on a Land PE Block will be given an Xpress Swimming Unit for 2 weeks so that they too can have preparation and practice time for their Galas.

These slots are as follows:

Grade 1AMc

Wednesday 20th April @ 11.20am

Wednesday 27th April @ 11.20am

Looking forward to seeing you all poolside!

IPC Unit of Work - Our World, Our Environment

In our Science investigations this week the children have been considering the question

In which materials will the seeds grow best? In the soil, wood chippings or stones?

We began by predicting carefully and explaining our reasons.

Using our previous knowledge we then considered why an investigation should be fair and then some ideas of how we could do this. Some ideas from the children were…

· Same amount of material in each pot

· Same amount of water

· Containers are the same size

· Same type of seed

· Same number of seeds

· Put the pots in the same place to grow

· Planting them the same depth


We were very impressed with their suggestions!

The children then helped to set up the investigations as per their suggestions and we will monitor and observe growth over next week and draw some conclusions.

Next week we will begin our habitat investigations and use our findings to write a property advert for a chosen habitat!

Language Arts


This week we have been working on the vocabulary CAFÉ strategy of using the pictures, illustrations or diagrams to help us work out new words. There are usually words that are new to us in All About Books. Many All About Books put special terms (words) in bold, an some even include a glossary where we can check what words mean.

We have also continued to focus on recalling what we have read when reading All About Books. We can learn things when we read!


This week in our Writers’ Workshop unit on All About Books (non-fiction) we have been looking at how language is used and learning about how we can use captions to give extra information about pictures. We have made our own lists of ideas for All About Books. This will make it easy for us to think of things to write about when we start new books. We can write about anything that we know a lot about that is a true topic. Many of the students are writing about their friends or family!

Spelling, Phonics and Grammar

This week we have started learning about using speech marks to show when someone is talking. Our spelling focus has been on the long ‘u’ sound made by ‘ew’ (as in grew) and ‘u_e’ (as in flute).


This week we continued learning about the join a to n / a to r, and practiced using it in words.


As we continue with Shapes and Patterns this week, we have learnt to identify the 4 basic shapes by describing their properties (number of sides and number of corners) and also to make pictures using these 4 basic shapes! We danced to the Shape Song to help us remember the properties of the 4 basic shapes and also used tangram sets to help us make composite figures. We noticed that shapes can be rotated or flipped.

In addition, we've also worked on making and completing patterns with shapes according to one or two of the following attributes: size, shape, colour and orientation.

Next week, we will complete the chapter on Shapes and Patterns and continue with our next unit, Ordinal Numbers.

Here are some links/resources that we've used this week:

Virtues Corner

This week, Grade Ones learnt about Helpfulness. Grade 1 JWo students did a wonderful job leading our Early Years Assembly on Tuesday, sharing some ideas of how we can show helpfulness at school, at home and in the community.

I am showing Helpfulness when:

*I listen to someone who needs to talk.

*I help without being asked.

*I care for others and myself.

I am helpful. I look for ways to be of service. I care for others and myself. I look for helpful ways to make a difference.

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