Weekly Notes

March 20-26

Focus of the Week: Initiative

Make sure you remember where your tornado location is just in case we have a drill this week... just sayin...

Monday, March 21

Welcome Back, Ashley!!! Sarah's Last Day :-(

  • Student Planing Meeting in Maurus' office (Compton, Maurus, Woodham) @ 10:50
  • IEP Meeting in Anthony's room @ 11:00 (Anthony, Compton, Maurus, Frisk, Gordon, Giroux) Compton and Maurus will join after the student meeting at 10:50.
  • Student Meeting in Maurus' office @ 2:20 (Daniels, Skowronski, Jackson, Maurus)
  • Play Pioneers Meeting in Compton's office @ 3:00 (Compton, Hempton, Maurus)

Tuesday, March 22

SPED Teachers are at a required meeting in the PM. Please keep students in class who receive SPED services!


  • AM- Maurus @ RESA
  • Maurus' Evaluation with Brian at Central Office @ 1:30-3:30
  • Jump Rope for Heart 3:40-4:15
  • Cacey's Shower at Buddy's on Plymouth and Merriman @ 4:30

Wednesday, March 23

Happy Birthday, Lisa Hrit!

Brundage in front office :-)

  • Maurus- all day admin meeting/CPI retraining

Thursday, March 24

  • PBIS Assembly @ 10AM... Hair Cutting!!!
  • 4th grade Toga Party @ 2PM

Friday, March 25

Good Friday- Enjoy your break! Woot Woot!

Sarah Berris has been at Jefferson since the beginning of the school year! I am so excited to let you know that she will be a district floater after her last day in Ashley's classroom and that she will be based out of Jefferson!

Last Week's Behavior Data

Administrative Interventions: Many, but less than last week.

ISS: 1

OSS: 1

Send Home: 0

Trends/Hot Spots: Nothing major this week!

Upcoming Watch DOGS

None scheduled this week.

Check out the following link to find out more about the $500 Leadership Grant from Leader In Me

Students are encouraged to submit a video about leadership- how great would this be for our focus on leadership!