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This month the Locket D&D team grew by 9! Please give a big HOOT to....

Jamie McCoy (sponsor Heather Ritchter)

Kristie Rowland (sponsor Heather Ritchter)

Rebecca Clifft (sponsor Renee Pettit)

Emily Little (sponsor Kathy Rogers)

Katherine Wollman (sponsor Mardel Ochsner)

Katy Hunter (sponsor Christina Williams)

Carrie Taylor (sponsor Shannon Rosiere)

Liz Sowers (sponsor Shannon Rosiere)

Tamara Outland (sponsor Shannon Rosiere)

CONGRATS on this NEW journey and be sure to checkout this AWESOME incentive made exclusivley for YOU!

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What's NEW...

Top 13 in Personal Sales for March

{my lucky number is 13. we celebrate 1-3}

1. Susan Keith $9,667

2. Anna Scaperrotta $3,168

3. Shannon Rosiere $2,135

4. Kathy Rogers $2,094

5. Audra Smith $1,823

6. Erica Barnard $1,770

7. Vicki Schievink $1,750

8. Heather Roberts $1,640

9. Kristin Pierce $1,539

10. Susan Gasperini $1,516

11. Anne Senchack $1,471

12. Twyla McCarty $1,059

13. Shellie Gentry $703

CONGRATS to all of you for your hard work...we had 41 D&D's that had over 99PV! WOW! What a blessed month we all had!

Did you know...FACEBOOK and UPLINE...

You are part of SEVERAL groups. Here's how we "grow"...starting with ME (ask your personal mentor for the upline between them and me;)

Shannon Rosiere, Executive Team Leader

{Locket Divas & Dude} https://www.facebook.com/groups/168146169999307/

Stacey Fenwrick, Director

no group FB page

Kim & Meg Hurst, Senior Team Leader

{O2-Meg & Kim's Big Dreams Team} https://www.facebook.com/groups/O2DreamTeam/

Ashlie Fiallos, Director

{Owl-o-holics} https://www.facebook.com/groups/owlaholics/

Jen Cascella, Senior Director

{Team S.H.I.N.E} https://www.facebook.com/groups/231594676967271/

Rachel Hall, Senior Team Leader

Amina Dahar, Senior Director

Carla New, Senior Director

{team Lucky Charms} https://www.facebook.com/groups/TeamLuckyCharmsDIWs/

Heidi Russell, Executive Director {DIRECT TO CORPORATE}

There are SEVERAL team facebook pages that you can be a part of...it can get overwhelming. I suggest staying on Locket Divas for sure since it's your first leadership page...and it's mine;) HA! With the others...I leave it up to you which one fits your personality best and supports your business the most. It can get confusing and overwhelming for sure. PLEASE know that your back office, O2 lounge and your MENTOR should be your first line for questions. Then use these facebook pages as a supplement to those fabulous things we all have! If you do not know who your mentor is, please reach out to me via email and I will get you hooked up!