Io Circuit

The Race of The Decade

About the moon Io

Io's distance from the earth differs from 6.2-9.8 km depending on the correlation of Io, Jupiter, and Earth. Io's atmosphere contains mostly sulfur dioxide and is very thin. Also, the moons temperatures vary dramatically throughout the day. Not much oxygen can be found in the atmosphere most importantly. Due to the variation of temperatures, Io contains both fire and ice meaning water is a high possibility. Io's orbit takes 42.5 hours and also Io has a diameter of 3,642 km, and dimensions of 3,660.0 x 3,637.4 x 3,630.6 km making it the fourth largest moon in the solar system.

Io Circuit

Thursday, June 13th 2013 at 1:30pm

Io, Saturn (moon)