Buster Keaton

Maddie Ewald

About Him

Joseph Frank "Buster" Keaton was born on October 4, 1895, Pique, Kansas. Buster's parents Joe and Myra were both actors when he was born. Buster was an directer, an actor, and a Film comedian. He started his preforming at age 3. He was introduced to film when he was 21 and eventually directed and starred in films in the 1920s.

What impact did they have on U.S. history? What are they best known for?

"Buster" Keaton was known for his terrific acting. He was a role model for many people across the world. Keaton was an actor or directer in more than 50 movies. He was only three years old when he first preformed!

Facts and Pictures

Interesting Facts

*Buster's salary soared to $3,500 a week, and he built a $300,000 house in Beverly Hills.

*Most of Mr. Keaton's films were made without a script.

*When the movies began talking, Buster Keaton dropped out of sight.