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August 2020 - Newsletter

Principal's Message

Greetings, Wolverines - welcome to Woodgrove High School! And a very enthusiastic welcome to our newest Wolverines – our 9th grade class and all new students to our school community. As we prepare to begin our year in Distance Learning, we know this will be a year unlike any other and we are striving to make it the best we can given our circumstances. Together, with our passionate commitment, unrelenting positivity, and dedicated collaboration, this will be an exceptional and successful year for our students and community. This message contains a significant amount of information; however, I’ve tried to break it down into manageable sections that you may find useful.

Although we are beginning the year in Distance Learning, we hope that eventually, if conditions improve, we will be able to welcome students back to our school campus at some point during this school year. I am including the link to the LCPS Return to School Planning that includes plans and updates regarding the stages of returning to school. https://www.lcps.org/ReturnToSchool2020

In preparation for the year, we will host student class meetings on Thursday, September 3. Times and links for each meeting may be found here - WHS - 9/3 Class Meetings These will be synchronous meetings with time allotted for students to ask me or other administrators questions.

Back-to-School Night will be Thursday, September 10, beginning at 6 PM. There will be a live synchronous opening and then teachers will host virtual synchronous classes for eight-minute blocks. Additional details and links will be sent out as Back-to-School night nears.

Our schedule this year is very different from previous years and all LCPS high schools are operating under this same schedule. The first day of school, Tuesday, September 8, will be an “A” day. Here is the link to our 2020-2021 bell schedule and school calendar – WHS - Bell Schedule and AA/BB Calendar

We will host Wake-Up-Woodgrove at 8:40 AM until 8:55 AM Tuesday through Friday. Here is the link for the live-stream announcements. WHS - Wake-up-Woodgrove Link

Then, from 9 AM to 9:20 AM, Tuesday through Friday, our student-staff advisories will meet. Students are expected to attend advisory as many important topics will be discussed during this time. Students will be in grade level advisories as there are specific topics for designated grades. Tips for transitioning to high school for the 9th grade, the college application process for the 12th grade, Equity, and strategies and resources for establishing and maintaining positive social-emotional health for all students are examples of topics that will be discussed. Many other interesting and timely topics will be reviewed as well. Along those lines, here is a link to help students and families with Distance Learning. 5 Tips for Distance Learning Success

On Mondays, students will have 25 minutes of asynchronous work per class assigned. On Monday afternoon, from 1:45 PM to 4 PM, teachers have office hours and students may schedule an appointment with their teachers. Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be “A” days and Thursdays and Fridays will be “B” days. Each block will have 60 minutes of synchronous instruction followed by 22 minutes of additional learning opportunities which may be either synchronous or asynchronous. Wednesdays and Fridays will not be repeat of the previous day – new content will be introduced each day.

Some classes will have resources and textbooks that will need to be picked up at school. Teachers will let students know if they have resources they need to pick up. On Tuesday, September 1, and Wednesday, September 2, we will have Distribution Days. These days will be organized by student last names – here is the link for information regarding those days. WHS - Distribution Days

This year, students again will have a study hall block. Students will be expected to check in to their study hall block and then they may work synchronously or asynchronously. We also will have learning labs offered each block. During a student’s study hall, they may go to a learning lab to receive additional help and support. Links to learning labs will be sent as the year begins.

LCPS will be utilizing a new digital learning platform this year called Schoology. The Department for Digital Innovation will be sending out tutorials for students and parents. Students will be able to access their schedules on Schoology beginning on August 28. Please check out this site for additional information regarding Schoology and how LCPS students and staff will be using this resource. http://blogs.lcps.org/schoology/

Also, this year, we will be implementing and aligning our grading practices to Loudoun County’s new assessment and grading policy. Here is the policy - LCPS Assessment and Grading Policy 5030 Parents and guardians will continue to have access to their son or daughter’s grades through ParentVue. If you have any questions regarding ParentVue, please contact our counseling department at 540 751 2607.

Student pictures will be taken this fall. Information and dates regarding Senior Pictures and pictures for students in grades, 9, 10, and 11, are included in this newsletter. If you have any questions, please reach out to Ms. Crandall, our yearbook sponsor, or the school for assistance. Here is a link with information to the pictures and where you may sign up. WHS - Student Pictures

With the sudden closure of school in March, our annual rising 9th grade orientation did not take place. For these approximately 400 students, the transition to high school bears another challenge for them to overcome, and we, as Woodgrove staff, will be constantly aware of this. To help welcome these newest Wolverines to Woodgrove, since they cannot come to campus, we’ve decided to go to them. With student agendas in hand, along with a classy Class of 2024 Woodgrove T-Shirt, on Friday, August 28, from 12 PM to 3 PM, Woodgrove staff will navigate the roads of our beautiful, bucolic Western Loudoun and drop off these items to each rising Wolverine 9th grader. We realize some families may be unavailable at this time - please let us know if you cannot participate in this by using this Permission Click link- 9th Grade Welcome. Please let us know by Tuesday, August 25.

In addition, we have created a virtual tour for our students which you may access here - WHS - Virtual Tour

The Virginia High School League (VHSL), the governing body for our academic and athletic competitions, has adjusted and condensed its schedule this year. At this time, VHSL activities will not begin until December 14. Here is a link for the VHSL announcement and the dates for the Winter, Fall, and Spring seasons. VHSL Update

This year we will continue sending out an on-line monthly newsletter from the school, which will be accessible on our school website. The purpose of this newsletter is to share information about Woodgrove which will include the activities at the school, upcoming events, and important dates. We also will be highlighting our students’ successes as we move through the year. In addition, organizations supporting the school, such as the Parent, Teacher, Student Organization (PTSO), the Woodgrove Music and Arts Association (WMAA) and the Woodgrove Wolverine Athletic Booster Club (WWABC) may also have information included in this newsletter. If you would like a hard copy of the newsletter mailed to you, please contact Ms. Teri Hoover at 540 751 2600. Below is a direct link to our Parent organizations - the PTSO, WMAA, and WWABC on our website: WHS Parent Organizations and I encourage you to join these exceptional organizations!

We are very pleased to welcome some outstanding new staff members to our team. We have included a listing of all new staff and their positions in this newsletter.

Many thanks to our SCA and Ms. Valasek, our SCA sponsor, for providing a wonderful welcome back message to all staff - along with doughnuts and coffee to those staff who choose to work from school on the first day!

I certainly hope you find this information useful. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the school at 540 751 2600. You also may visit our website. Although we may be in Distance Learning at this time, please continue to be involved with our school.

Once again, welcome to Woodgrove - we are looking forward to an excellent 11th year!

William S. Shipp, Principal

Woodgrove High School New Staff 2020 -2021

  • Sabrina Combs (SPED TA)
  • Christa Craig (SPED)
  • Ryan Dempsey (Band)
  • Lillie Field (Head Start)
  • Christine Funk (SS)
  • Christine Kearney Graham (SPED)
  • Candace Jackson (SPED TA)
  • Andrea Macduffee (Math)
  • Jeff Magnuson, (SPED TA)
  • Linda Palmisano (Science - Chemistry)
  • Susan Post (SPED TA)
  • Lynne Schoonover (English)
  • Jason Toton (H/PE)
  • Joan Vogelsang (SPED TA)
  • Ginny Walker (English)
  • Shelbie Wrenn (SPED)
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Wake Up Woodgrove

Daily announcements

  • Wake Up Woodgrove will air Tuesday through Friday mornings, 8:40 - 8:55am.
  • Update your bookmark to this link for submitting morning announcements.
  • Update your bookmark for viewing Wake Up Woodgrove to this link for our MyVRSpot software.

5 Tips for Distance Learning Success

High School Parking Lot WiFi Access

In our efforts to continually improve and meet the challenges of a large school district, we are deploying solar powered WiFi to high school parking lots.

Each of our high schools will be equipped with a solar powered, cellular wireless access point that will provide coverage to a portion of each schools parking lot. This will allow for social distancing and access to digital resources for those in need of internet access. Each area depicted is an estimation of coverage and capacity may be impacted by weather, number of connected users and other factors. Areas selected are also monitored by LCPS Safety and Security patrols, camera's and other techniques to provide a safe environment.

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Woodgrove A Day and B Day Daily Calendar 2020-2021

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Parent Liaison News

Welcome back families! My name is Deana Czaban and I am the Parent Liaison at Woodgrove! My role is to help parents/guardians connect with the school and play an active role in their student’s education. I can also help connect families with resources in our community.

Have you had a change in circumstance during this pandemic[DC1] ? You’re not alone! If you need assistance with food, rent, clothing, school supplies, jobs etc. please reach out to me and I can connect you with resources within our community. My email is Deana.Czaban@lcps.org. Please visit the Parent Liaison tab on the Woodgrove High School website: Parent Liaison.

Many thanks to our amazing community partners that have supported families in need since schools closed in March. Please support the following businesses and non-profits whenever you are able:
  • Tree of Life
  • Round Hill United Methodist Church food pantry
  • Lovettsville Food Pantry – New Jerusalem Church
  • Salvation Army
  • McLean Bible Church
  • Chick-fil-A (Purcellville)
  • Manhattan Pizza (Purcellville)
  • 900 degree Pizza (Purcellville)

If you are interested and able to help families in need with situations that arise during the year, I have started the Wolverine Needs Network. Just email me your contact information and I will add you to my list. Some examples of things we sometimes need are: grocery store gift cards, sneakers/shoes, clothing, gas gift cards, supports for a family experiencing a serious illness or death etc. When a need arises, I will send out a group email. If you can help, you’ll simply email me back that you are able. Thank you so much!

WHS Senior Portraits and Underclass Yearbook Pictures

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Library News

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Student Activities Information

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Woodgrove Debate Team

The Woodgrove Debate team is looking for new members. Competitive debate offers many opportunities to improve your thinking, researching, writing, and speaking skills while also providing a fun, competitive environment. It also looks great on your college applications. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Our students and coaches have years of successful competition experience to pass on to new team members. The debate team will meet virtually every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00 - 5:30 pm. Links to our meetings will be posted on Facebook, Instagram, and on our school web page. Indicate your interest in joining the debate team by completing the school activities survey and/or contacting Mr. Greening at timothy.greening@lcps.org.

Woodgrove Debate Team

Theater News

Any students interested in theatre can tune in for a Google Meets session on Aug 26th at 2pm. Email Mrs. Addie Schafer Benko addie.schafer@lcps.org for joining information. We will meet virtually to play drama games, discuss ideas for the year, and answer any program questions.


Volume 11, Issue 1 August, 2020

Sports Injuries

Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness

Aside from the pain of muscle injuries such as strains, there are two common kinds of exercise related muscle soreness. One is acute soreness, which occurs during or immediately after exercise; the other is delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS), which develops 12 hours or longer after exercise.

Acute soreness- Muscle soreness during and immediately after exercise usually reflects simple fatigue, caused by a buildup of chemical waste products in the muscle. If so, the discomfort will often subside after a minute or two of rest. You should not proceed with your workout until you’re able to exercise without pain.

Delayed soreness- DOMS after a workout is common, particularly if you aren’t used to the activity. For example, you haven’t exercised for 6 months and then you suddenly run 3 miles, do some push-ups and sit-ups, you may feel soreness over much of your body the next morning. This soreness is generally at its worst within the first two days and subsides over the next few days. DOMS is thought to be a result of microscopic tearing of the muscle fibers and swelling around the muscle.

You may not be able to totally prevent DOMS, but you can keep it to a minimum by warming up thoroughly before activity and cooling down completely afterward. This can be done by stretching the muscles and a few minutes of light, low-impact aerobic activity before and after exercising. Other measures used to diminish soreness include applying ice, massage and taking ibuprofen.

Finally, if your pain persists longer than about 7 days or increases despite these measures, consult your Athletic Trainer or Physician.


Exercise helps prevent cartilage damage caused by arthritis

A new study for the first time shows how mechanical forces experienced by cells in joints during exercise prevent cartilage degradation by suppressing the action of inflammatory molecules which cause osteoarthritis. It demonstrates the benefits of exercise on the tissues that form our joints. During exercise the cartilage in joints such as the hip and knee is squashed. This mechanical distortion is detected by the living cells in the cartilage which then block the action of inflammatory molecules associated with conditions such as arthritis.

Researchers added that these findings may also explain the anti-inflammatory effects of normal blood flow in the arteries which is important for preventing arterial disease such as atherosclerosis and aneurysm. Researchers also suggest these results may lead to a whole new therapeutic approach in which drugs simulate the effect of the mechanical forces to prevent the damaging effects of inflammation and treat conditions such as arthritis.

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