Dana the Bra Lady

Stay Perky South Jersey

I am seeking fashion minded ladies who have entrepreneurial spirit!

"Without proper foundations there can be No fashion." - Christian Dior

Do you find yourself noticing women who wear ill fitting bras? If so, you should join my team and uplift ladies! A bra makeover can be both exciting and emotional. The confidence customers feel when they look 10-20 pounds lighter is what sells our number one bra, the Abbie. After only 5 minutes of having it on I signed up for the business and jumped head first into a world of bras, friendship and financial pride.


Essential Bodywear has less than 12 bra fit specialists in the States of NJ, PA and DE combined. Sell a necessity and feel needed. The average direct sales home party is around $400 with 8-10 guests. My average party with 8-10 guests is $900. My private at home fittings yield between $170-$250 in sales for just one customer. This is a big opportunity!