Thomas Edison

By:Dillon Mayer


I will be telling you about Thomas Edison in this story. I will be telling you about his early life.And also his accomplishments.Last but not least his extra information. Now you know what you are learning.

You like learning right well why don't you learn about all these super cool things about Thomas's early life.

When he was 12 years old he started selling news papers sand witches and candy. When he was 15 years old he sold and published a news paper called the weekly herald. When he was a kid he was even intressed ti business. He was born on 2/11/1847 in Milan Ohio at age 15 he rescued a kid from a racecar track the kids father was a telegrapher and he gave Thomas lessons. He was 7 years old when he moved to port heron in Michigan. His father was in a lumber business.

You want to learn about thomases famus friends and other extr information

Edison married Stilwell who had worked in one of his companys . one of his most famus friends was Henry ford. They became friends because he got henry to use gasoline in his autimobeals. He went to collige at cooper uion.His son was a govoner at new jersy from 1941 to 1944


So I told you about his early life his acomplishments and his extra information now that you already read the story would you recommend this story to any one.


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