Analyzing Viola

By: Amari Winfrey

Viola's identity

Viola wants to work as an man to get a job. She wants to work for The Duke dressed as a man. The man she knows how to be is her twin brother Sebastian. So she gets her looks from him and how he dresses. "Ill serve this duke.Thou shall present me as an eunuch to him" (I.ii.51-52).
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Viola's Gender

Viola struggles to hide her feelings for Duke, but she still has to hide her secret that she is a lady. Since she is a man she has to work for him and does what she has to do. Duke wanted Viola (Cesario) to go to Olivia house to talk to her for him. Viola did not like that because she loves him. "Ill do my best To woo your lady..." (I.IV.40-43).
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Viola's perception

They see Viola as Cersario the man. A pretty man because she is a girl.They see her as attractive and very smart. They seem to like her just as much as Cersario and Viola would. "That say thou art a man. Diana's lip...." (I.IV.30-34).

comparing myself to viola

Me and Viola have similar things in common. We both are smart and gives good advice. She reminds me of me when she talks to people about there problems because that is what I'm best at doing. Some differences that we have are she is very sneaky and low key about her disguise. When she dressed up like a man i could not do that because i would want to tell someone and she did not tell anyone what she was doing. She was very low key about the situation.

Analyzing Viola from She's The Man

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Viola in the movie is wants to be apart of the boys soccer but the boys just laugh at her and thinks she is not going to make it out there like a boy would. She makes a plan to go to her brothers college and act like a boy while he was away for a tour for his band. Her roommates find it weird they was she acts because they do not know that it is a girl they are with. She is surrounded with boys and is trying to keep up her act.
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Viola and her roommate Duke start to become friends and talk more. Duke tells viola that he likes Olivia. She teaches him how to be comfortable around her so she can start to like him. Then Viola starts to like Duke, so Sebastian (Which is still Viola) tells Duke to try and get him to like Viola but he is caught up liking Olivia. Olivia keeps it on the low and likes Duke.


Viola sees herself a great soccer play. She feels that she should be able to play with the boys for soccer. The boys does not think that any girl can make it playing with them. They think they are to girly and not strong enough to be a game with them.

Comparing Myself

Viola and I gives good advice and she is a jealous person. Me and Viola gives good advice to people when they see that they need it. When me and her like someone and they person likes someone else we would do anything to get there attention and make them like us because we feel like we're good for them. Some differences we have are Viola is a soccer player and would do anything to achieve her soccer goal to play with the boys. Another difference is that Viola is very crazy about the decision she made in the movie because she took a lot of risk.