Flight Engineer

"Let's take to the skies!" By Jayden Meyers, 3rd hour

  • Transport mail, cargo, or passengers from place to place
  • Fly aircraft from multi engine or single engine
  • Check things from hydraulics to the weight calculations before engine start-up
  • Two people make up the crew(usually three in multi-engine). They are the Captin who is the most experienced, & the co pilot who takes over during long flights for the Captin
  • Work from 75 to 100 hours per month
  • Work many weekends, nights, & holidays
  • Make up to $128,000 per year
  • Must be FAA certified
  • Usually wear a suit or uniform

Some Pros & Cons


  • They pay great the higher up the line you go
  • You get to travel to many different states & countries
  • One of the best jobs becasue you get to experience something new everyday


  • They usually spends many of their days away from home
  • Work long hour, nights, weekends, & sometimes holidays
  • The stress of keeping the crew & passengers safe during the flight

What do I need to do to be sucessful in this career?

There are many things that you can do to start your career as a pilot. Here are some high school classes you should take & what you must take in college.

High school:

  • Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Geometry
  • Mathematics for technology & engineering
  • Technical writing


  • Military studies
  • Commercial Pilot & Flight crew Training


  • 20/20 vision
  • Hearing test
  • Aptitude tests
  • Must be rated by the FAA for flight instruments

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They have many programs that you can join to start your career in aviation. You can become a commercial airline pilot, maybe even a private one. Some pros are that they are local here in Wisconsin & they also give you a good representation to companies that are hiring. Some cons are that they don't offer all the degrees necessary to become a pilot & you have to travel to a larger college to get those degrees.

Weblink- http://www.fvtc.edu/programs/aviation#324021

Address- 1825 N. Bluemound Drive • Appleton, WI 54912-2277

U.W Oshkosh

U.W Oshkosh is looking to help student in their aviation career. They have physical courses to take as well as anonline program called AMP. AMP stands for Aviation Management program & is delivered fully online, which means students can work and earn their flying hours while working toward their degree. Some pros are is that you can work from anywhere while getting your schooling in as well. They also watch for job openings for you & put you imps the market. Some cons are that you need to go to a technical college before you can enter this one. You also have to have hours of flight time in as well, which can be hard if you don't own an aircraft.



APT Flight School

ATP’s Airline Career Pilot Program provides the training airlines look for in pilot applicants and regional airlines hire more pilots from the Airline Career Pilot Program than from any other single flight school.


  • Private thru Commercial Multi with CFIs
  • Airline-Style Training from Day One
  • Pilot Recruiting Events During Training

Cons -

  • Very expensive
  • Must go to a technical college before going here
  • They are very strict on people being let in

Organizations for aviation


Weblink- http://www.aopa.org/News-and-Video/Aviation-Organizations

Address- 421 Aviation Way, MD

Phone number- (800) 872-2672

Flyers Rights

Weblink- http://www.flyersrights.org

Phone number- tel:1-877-359-3776


Do you enjoy flight & aviation. Then a flight engineer is for you! You get to travel to many new states if you don't travel often & the pay is amazing! You have to be able to work well with others & have gone through many years of schooling. If the cost of school scares you away, then you could become a air traffic controller. Click on the link below if you want to become a flight engineer today.

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