On The Day I Was Born

By: Erin

History-Caesar Augustus was born 63 b.c.

-His full name is Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus

-First emperor of the Roman Empire

-Caesar was forced to battle with Cleopartra VII

-Caesar Augustus died on August 19 in 14 c.e.

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Science-Neptune was discovered in 1846

-Johann Gottfried Galle german astronomer discovered Neptune

-30 times farther from the sun than the earth

-Neptune has 4 rings

-About 2,796.46 million miles from the sun

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Sports-Melanie Oudin was born in 1991

-born in Marietta,Georgia

-Her and her twin sister has introduced to tennis by their grandma at age 7

-Melanie was home schooled since seventh grade

-scored 92 wins and 29 loses as a junior player

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Government-Tom C. Clark was born in 1899

-Tom Clark was born in Dallas,Texas

-He was a judge, lawyer, and Supreme Court Justice of the U.S

-Later, became Attorney General under President Harry S. Truman

-Clark died on June 3,1977,in New York, New York

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Music-John Coltrane was born in 1926

-John Coltrane was born in Hamlet, N.C

-started playing the saxophone at age 13

-He went to school at Omstein school of Music

-John died of liver cancer on July 17,1967 in Huntington, Long Island

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