Thai Cooking Classes

Sur La Table, New York

Why cooking classes?

I decided to take cooking classes at an NYC Sur La Table location because I truly love to explore with cooking at home, but never have had the courage to take this hobby to another level. I have been encouraged in the past to do more with my cooking hobby and now seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally take the chance!

Why Thai?

I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone even farther by exploring a cuisine that I would not normally eat or cook. I have eaten Thai a couple of times, but definitely have not cooked any Thai dishes. I could have easily taken a homemade pasta making class or a pizza grilling class, but this was much more exciting for me and made me feel far more accomplished after I was finished.

Some of the dishes...

What did I learn?

After taking the Thai Cooking Class, I feel much more comfortable taking my cooking hobby to the next level. It really has been a passion of mine but I got very stuck in a limited comfort zone. I learned that I am capable of pushing myself and trying new things. Additionally, I am now definitely interested in testing out new cuisines because I learned that I LOVE Thai food!