Welcome to the City of Joy


The city was the center of British power in India during the 18th and the 19th century. Calcutta has attracted a lot of tourists from all around the globe. The city has been given a new name now, ‘Kolkata’. The city is bustling and busy, people are running to and fro for some or the other work. But if you are interested in looking beyond the noise and the heat of the city, you will get an experience that will be remembered by you for the rest of your life span. This is the place of the first Episcopal Church in Asia known as ST. Paul’s cathedral, and also the largest science hub in the whole of Asia known as the ‘Science City’. This is the place where the world famous Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore took birth. The holiest Kali Mata Temples which is ‘Kalighat’ and ‘Dakshineshwar’ are found here. India tour packages include a trip to the City of Joy. Not to forget the amazing marble palace and the Kolkata Race Course. The city is not just historical, it is also has the coolest places to hangout for the young generation. So here are a few places that should be visited in this beautiful City of Joy known as Kolkata:

1) ST. Paul’s Cathedral

The Church is located at the south of the Maidan which is adjacent to Victoria Memorial. It was the first Episcopal Church of Asia and was built in the year 1839. India holidays are incomplete without seeing this church The Church is a witness to the splendor and the supremacy of European architecture. The church is one of the finest examples of Indo-Gothic architecture in the country, with stained glass windows, two Florentine frescoes and pointed arches. It is built on vast tract of land and is surrounded by beautiful lawns and ancient trees; the biggest cathedral in the city is a lake of peace.

2) Belur Math

It was founded by Swami Vivekananda in the memory of Ramakrishna Paramahansa. The temple is the best example of modern temple architecture in the country. It is a perfect mix of temple, church and a mosque. The temple is built on the philosophy of universal brotherhood. This place has a lot of historical significance as Vivekananda spent his last few years in this temple. The peace and tranquility which you get here, you cannot find it anywhere else in the city.

3) Victoria Memorial

The monument holds the same importance for the people of Kolkata as the TajMahal has for the people of Agra. It’s similarity with the TajMahal made the Victoria Memorial called the ‘Taj of the Raj’. It is circumscribed by long lush green gardens. It is constructed on Italian style architecture which is very mesmerizing.

4) Science City

Kolkata is home to the largest Science hub in the whole of Asia known as the Science City. You do not actually have to be a science buff to enjoy this place. The ambience of the place is great and it is very attractive as well. But the crowd puller is the Space Odyssey which houses a sprawling space theatre.


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