Are Women under Sharia Mistreated?

By: Melany Perez


Women Living under Sharia Law are being treated unfairly because they are viewed as unimportant.

Sharia Law

Sharia is a guide to all aspects of Muslim Life, including daily routines, familial and religious obligations, and financial dealings. Women living in societies governed by Sharia Law have fewer rights than women in the West.

Sharia Marriage Rights

Women don't have a specific age for marriage but girls marry at the age of thirteen and it is not uncommon.

Men are allowed up to four wives but women can only have one husband whereas in Western societies men only have one wife.

If women want a divorce they have to have their husbands consent whereas if the husband wants a divorce they can just make a declaration in front of an Islamic judge without the woman's consent, she doesn't even have to be present.

Gaurdianship over Women

Women living under sharia law need their husbands permission to leave the house, get a job, or engage in any forms of worship other than what is obligated.

If a woman is unmarried they are under the care of the nearest male relative.

In some cases if the woman's husband dies they will be legally obligated to live under their sons guardianship

Injustice of Sharia

Every ear about five thousand Muslim women die in honor killings because they are claimed imperative.

Women aren't seen as adults they have guardians and some Islamic countries view them as minors.

If women aren't viewed as minors they are viewed as animals.

Often women are involved in marriages where they aren't allowed to finish their education and have a career.

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Sharia In the United States?

Many of the Democrats in Florida have declared that they want to impose Sharia on women. Some would say that these democrats completely disregarded the fact that so many men and women fought to get to where we are now. These democrats were willing to let just one state fall into the Sharia life and what starts as one could potentially turn into all 50 states. What so many men and women worked for such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and basic rights for women would be completely gone. However, democrats did not succeed because they did not have the numbers but eventually if they are not stopped we could all fall into the life of Sharia.

Potential Effects of Sharia

No Freedom of Religion

No Freedom of Speech

No Protection for Homosexuals

Women's Basic Rights such as being able to vote, go to college, or have a job, etc. would be gone.

Executions by stoning would be allowed

These are just some of the rights we have now that would be gone if Sharia were to spread.

Activists Warn US Women of Sharia Law Threat