Knight happy with marriage

Well would you be shocked if i told you he loved her?

Well i find it hard to believe but he says he enjoys it.

After saving his life the old woman wanted to marry the knight, which i'm almost positive he did not want to do. I do not know what was going on in the their love chamber that night but she surely changed his mind. It is good though that the knight decided to keep his promise after she saved him from certain death from the queen for raping and killing a young girl. He apparently learned his lesson from the whole situation which is one good thing to hear. I will be continuing this article a little father down so if you're intrigued by this whole article keep reading please!

New information on this crazy situation.

This just got even more interesting.

Well i just found out that he allowed her to choose whatever for she wanted to. I guess he really did learn his lesson since he had a choice to pick a young beautiful lady that wouldn't be faithful, or an old woman who loves him and pleases him and is always faithful. She chose to become a young lady which i hope she remains faithful because they actually just said she is pregnant. Wow you should have saw the look on my face when i was told this. We will have more information another time and i thank you so much for reading my article. Have a good day and may the lord be with you.


Two brothers just trying to make a living and survive this horrible plague.