Voice On the Radio

Chris Deleon

Story Elements

Voice On the Radio takes place in a radio station during present day. The main conflict in the story is should I keep it a secret or no.The book begins with a girl goes missing, years later she sees her face on a milk carton what should she do. Pick up the book to find out what happens!

Character Analysis

The main character is Reeve. Three words to describe the main character are nice, two face, mean. The character is motivated by Reeve being the voice on the mic. Jane trying to change her past. Reeve having a good story to make it as a voice on the radio. I dislike the main character because he told Jane's story on the radio. The relationship between Jane and Reeve is boyfriend and girlfriend.


The theme of the novel is don't get rapped up in someone else life. one example that supports the theme is Reeve goes to college to do radio broadcast. another example is Jane starts a new high school and moves. A final example that supports theme is people starts to like his story on the radio.


I rated the the book, Voice on The Radio a seven. the reason I gave this book this rating is because the one main character Reeve I liked his parts in the book but not really the other half. Teens can relate this because its hard to let someone go. Reeve had to leave Jane because he had to go to college.