Roman vs. U.S Ideas of Citizenship,

Law & Justice

Citizenship belonged to all free, law-abiding people

Rights of Citizens

Able to Vote

Hold official offices- civil and government

Own property and write contracts

Go to court

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Not All Equal

Male Citizens; all rights

Women; some rights; no voting or government offices

Slaves; property with no rights; small chance of freedom

Freedmen; former slaves; limited rights

Follow The Laws


Inheritance; family gets when member dies

Contracts w people

Laws were written in the 12 Tables

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Roman Justice

Natural laws giving every citizen rights

Connected to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness

Where do we see that in the USA?

Judges made court decisions from trials and evidence


Fines- Pay Money




Excecution if guilty of treason

Patricide- killing your family member(s); drowning

Slaves; were beaten