2015 Year in Review

Why I'm looking forward to 2016

Star Wars Storms Box Office

The hype that led up to Star Wars Episode VII was not exaggerated. It got a 3 star rating in the Washington Post and has already made $1.4 billion dollars globally. The fan-favorite is easily one of the biggest stories of the year.
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Caitlyn Jenner

Former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner, who was then still called Bruce, told the media that she was a woman. She was on the cover of Vanity fair and shocked parts of the country.
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Donald Trump makes Twitter war

Donald Trump, a possible presidential candidate, has said insulting things on twitter referring to several women, fellow Republican Jeb Bush, and of course our president, Barack Obama.
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Deflategate: Are the Patriots cheaters?

In the 2015 AFC Championship game, Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady was accused of deflating the official footballs for the game. The Patriots slaughtered the Colts 45-7, so it probably would have been the same outcome, but it was still a serious cheating offense. The Patriots went on to win the Super Bowl.
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Duke wins 5th National Title

The NCAA tournament, March Madness, capped off this year with the Duke Blue Devils as champions. This came as a surprise to many, as the undefeated Kentucky Wildcats were heavily favored to win before they lost to Wisconsin.
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Kobe Bryant announces retirement after 2015-16 season

Longtime Laker great Kobe Bryant announced his retirement in November. He played 20 years in the NBA, and is 3rd all time in points scored in a career.
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Adele 25

Adele's new album took off in 2015. The famous single, "Hello," was the first song to sell a million downloads in a week.
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Justin Bieber

Three songs in the top five right now are Justin Bieber's: Sorry, What do you mean, and Love Yourself. Even though he has had bad years in the past, it appears that he is trying to come back.
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Influential People

Goals for 2015

Personal Improvement

I will try to stop stressing over every little thing.

Family and Friends

Try to have a close friend group. Know everybody on the basketball team.


I want to maintain my grades and try to have a social life with people in my classes.