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This is the best deal Thirty-One has for new consultants, and it ends TODAY!

Your 30-day plan for success

Today: Sign up! You will have 30 days (April 14) to earn your investment back. Here’s how you do it:

This weekend: We will talk about where you want to go and how we will get you there. I am here to guide you and give you everything you need. Let your family and friends know you are now a Thirty-One consultant!

Next week: Take advantage of Thirty-One’s upcoming Flash Sale to take orders, do a Facebook party, or have a quick get together with friends. All this counts towards earning commission.

Next two weeks: Schedule two parties for April 1-14.

April 1-14: Hold your parties. This is our Ready, Set, Sell period. Sell $500 and earn new summer products. Sell $1,000 and earn even MORE new products! You will also earn your first Start Swell, our incentive program for new consultants.

Follow this plan and on April 30 you will have:

Your enrollment kit ($350 value)

A Pack and Pour Thermal ($70 value)

Your first Start Swell Level ($103 value)

Ready, Set, Sell products (details to be announced)

Your investment reimbursed: $99

Your commission: $250 (or more!)

When was the last time $99 did all this for you? And in six weeks!

Don’t miss out – contact me today or go to and click on Join My Team!


Don't forget to check out the pics below to see which items will be 50% off starting TOMORROW. There is not a required qualifying purchase so you can purchase as many items as you would like at the discounted price. Your purchase of these items DOES count towards you qualifying to purchase this month's customer special! So, for every $35 you spend on these discounted products you can purchase 1 on the Totes on Sale. LOVE IT!! The sale is only on select items and quantities are limited so don't wait!

March Monthly Special!

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