By: Ella Myers


Sacajawea was part of the Shoshone tribe. In 1804 she met Lewis and Clark. She is well know for her bravery. She went on the Expedition with Lewis and Clark. She somtimes helped as a guide and a translater.

The Expedition

The Expedition lasted 2 & a half years.It was only supposed to last about 1 year. Sacajawea was a big help on the journey. Most people think that sacajawea was asked to join. It turns out she wasn't her husband was. Sacajawea was a much bigger help then her husband was.

When did Sacajawea meet Lewis and Clark?

Sacajawea met Lewis and Clark in Bismark,North Dakota,1804. Lewis and Clark were two very nice and funny men. They counted on Sacajawea to help them get throw the journey.

How did Sacajawea help on the Expedition?

Sacajwea was a big help on the Expedition. She helped translate what the Indian tribes were saying. She knew most of the way throw out the journey. She also knew what food was good to eat and what food was not.

Sacajawea's Baby

Sacajawea also had a baby during the trip. His name was Jean Baptiste. Did you know Clark nicknamed Jean Baptiste Little Pomp? He was born February 11,1805.

How did Sacajawea die?

When Sacajawea died she was only 24 or 25, she was really young. She died on December 20,1812. She died of a really bad fever,because there was no medicne back then.


Although the Expedition was very long Sacajawea made it. She met 2 nice & amazing men on the journey. She is well know for how brave she is.