Are Video Games Good or Bad?

By Daniel Ruiz

People say that Video games could have consequences, but i say that it could be good for you. Most people who play video games have better reaction times, better hand eye-coordination , and fewer anger issues.

Better reaction times will help teens in careers. Playing any Jumpscare Games can help teens learn to react faster. Phoebe Black, an eighth grader says that she plays two hours of games a day "It doesn't distract me", she says. "i Still do my work".

Hand eye-coordination will help teens for future careers like engineering or software engineering. A study done by Andrew K.Przybylski that "Surgeons who played video games finish surgeries faster and make less mistakes". Playing any video games, even violent ones, can help teens calm down if they are dealing with strees.

People say that 2 hrs of video games is bad for your body; they also say that is can increase hostility or aggression. The fact is that video games can be good for you by helping you cool down or feel better. Even violent video games can calm people down.

Video games can be addicting but you have to learn to control your time. "Video games can help with Math and English skills" says Kurt Squire, Co-director of the games learning society in Wisconsin. Kurt's statement shows that games can improve your knowledge.

As a result, video games can help in learning skills, fewer anger issues, hand eye-coordination, and better reaction times. Even though video games can be addicting, you need to control yourself. Playing too much video games will waste your time.


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